Young Mob visit desert Martu | World Vision Australia

There's just some stuff that you can't google on the internet.

There's just some stuff that you can't readfrom books.

It has to be taught to you first hand.

My name's Aaron.

I'm from NSW, Sydney and my tribe is the Kamilaroi tribe.

It's been a really great experience comingin country, being able to meet the Martu people.

It's like a privilege to be able to come allthe way out here and learn.

Without World Vision, I think I wouldn't bethis connected with culture.

See that rock over there.

We talk to him.

We tell him, there's some strangers from the east.

Protect them.

Look after them.

We let him know that you fellas are here.

My name's Tabitha and I'm from Yuin down the south coast.

It's been amazing.

It's one of the best experiences of my life.

To see how they live, the Martu.

Hello, my name is Annabelle Landy.

I live in the Irrungadji community, Nullagine.

And I'm Martu.

It's really good, like showing all these Young Mob, how to teach them in our ways, Martu ways.

All these Young Mob, they're the future and it's important to them too, to go back country.

My name is Clifton.

I come from Cotton Creek, Parrngurr.

I speak Martu Wangka and I'm Martu.

The trip was amazing.

For me it was giving them an opportunity to know our culture and language is still alive, still going.

My name is Carly.

My tribe is the Kamilaroi and I live in MtDruitt.

Through the Young Mob, it's actually brought my confidence up with speaking, public speaking.

Actually, yes it has changed me.

It's changed what I know and understand of my culture.

Like I was into it but I wasn't confidentabout it.

And then I started Young Mob and I do a whole lot of stuff with my culture now.

Absolutely superb! My name is McLean Williams.

I'm a Martu.

I come from the Kunawarritji community.

The sand burned my feet.

My name is Kye.

I live in Penrith.

And my mob's from the southeast coast of Australia, the Yuin.

World Vision giving us kids the opportunity to come out here is actually amazing.

I thank them so much for that.

Words can't explain how thankful I am forgiving me this opportunity to see other Aboriginal mobs.

I'd pick this over anything, any day.

Absolutely amazing.

Source: Youtube