YMCAs of Australia Manifesto November 2016

What of the future, as we gaze into the yearsahead, hoping, dreaming, sometimes despairing? How does the future happen and who is takingus there? Who has the optimism, talent and spirit toshow the way forward? As a community, no amount of short-term brillianceor momentary amazing will tackle the bigger picture of where we're headed.

Nor will those who have had their turn createthe sort of questioning needed to change the world.

We know that making a positive differencein the world relies on providing each and every person with a future of opportunity,where we can all be healthy, happy and connected.

But the truth is, we also know a better futuredepends on the ideas, energy and voice of a group with the most to benefit.

and themost to lose.

Those who will be there when tomorrow comes.

Which is why we stand for young people.

We believe that young people always have andalways will shape the future – but only when they're inspired and empowered.

We believe young people represent hope.

And where there's hope there's possibility.

For us at YMCA,We believe social impact, health, wellbeing and positive change in societyhinges upon the ability for us to inspire, engage, listen and work with the potentialof the young.

Put simply, we believe in the power of inspiredyoung people.

Everything else will follow.

Source: Youtube