Yellow Tail Shiraz Wine Review –

G'day mate, how ya going? *Australian accent* I have an Aussie accent right now.

*Lame Australian accent* Alright *Aussie accent* What do you reckon? Should we have some wine? *Aussie accent.

Still* Oh, look at her! She's a beauty! *Aussie accent* *Mumbling words, trying to sound Australian* *Total fail and laughs it off* I am sorry you guys.

Trying to do an Australian accent here.


If I offend you.

I am so sorry.

Can you do Australian? *Asks wife* No? "I don't knaoUuw?" *Wife replies in attempt* Today I want to review another bottle, It's a red wine from obviously.

Australia If you do not know about this wine.

if you haven't heard about this wine before.

I gotta ask you: What kind of cave have you been hiding in? Yeah, you have seen it before.

This is Yellow Tail.

Shiraz is the grape variety we are going to do today.

Vintage 2015 This is a wine that have sold Millions!*Emphasis on Millions* So I am really.




To try it.

*chuckles* I have had some before, but.



I'm up for it.

I'm up for it *stutters* I have never had a 2015 vintage So.

let's do this *Opens bottle* *Classy pour* We are on the purple edge here, as Shiraz should be.

*Referring to color of wine* Let's give it a "schniff" I am getting like.

fig like.

Plum and blackberries as well A little bit of spices too Getting a bit of.

rubber? You know when you were a kid you'd go to Toys'r'us You open a brand new rubber toy and then you like.

*sniff sound* Then you open the box and you like.

*sniff sound*.

Smell it THAT'S THE SMELL! I don't like that.

Let's give it a little taste *silence*.

I have had worse *laughs* I do not necessarily like it.

It has a sweet edge.

a sweet persona.

It is definitely on the dark berry side.

Out of all the things that are out there.

For the same kind of price, you can get so much better wine!! You have seen it before *the wine label* and people might think "Hey, I have seen that before.

People drink this! "It's a good wine" That's not the case! Sometimes they deliver better than this I would use this for a Sangria!.

To be honest that I would do! I would buy it and use it for a Sangria Cut up some nice oranges, lemons, limes.

all that kind of fruit that you want Pour this in it.

Get some Vodka.

Hell yeah! You got a Party going.

But this alone, is not a party.

It's not a party I want to attend Is it good? No.

Is it the worst wine I have ever had? No.

So let's give it a rating.

I will give this.

2/10 Muscular Kangaroos!!! Urgghhh.

! *flex* Alright you guys.

thank you for watching I want to take the opportunity to tell you about my new series, here on this channel It's called "One Minute Sushi" and it is exactly that! One minute Sushi where I talk about: Sushi, what works in wine pairing And I am going to taste bit by bit, different kinds and I want you to join me on that journey! Until then! Catch 'ya later!.

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