I always like to follow my.


And today that's gonna be everybody's favorite sticky, swirly treat.

Today we ask the age-old question.

Will it kangaroo meat? ♪ ♫ Good mythical morning! Soop.


??? Two thousand years later.

Will it kangaroo meat? Cobb salad.

Will it *beep* Here it is.

And that look's like a f.

*beep* And it is cold, because we decided we would keep it.


Tell me what's all in here.

So you've got a *beep* You've got lettuce, you've got *beep* And you also have some *beep* Cuz it wouldn't be, it wouldn't be soup without *beep* I've accidently been like putting a little bit of *beep* And like the whole cap would come of.

??? Blue cheese.

♪ ♫ Oh god.

It's so tangy ??? Six and a halv hours later.

??? A few moments later.

??? 3:28 AM ??? Many months later.

I'm getting a bigger *beep* for this one.

♪ ♫ WATERMELON! *beep* I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to pregnant with a alien.

Yeah, well, here's your chance.

Do alien babies come out through the.

I don't know.

I don't know man, i think they come out.

the path of least resistance.

It might be your butthole, it might be somewhere else.

I think it's the chest, i'm going with the chest.

♪ ♫ *beep*.

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