What you must know before coming to Australia or NZ (Part – 1) with English Sub-Title

What a beautiful view behind me, isn’t it? Dear viewers and friends, welcome to my TVchannel.

My name is Arif Khadem.

Currently, I’m standing on the eastern side of SydneyOpera House and Harbour Bridge in Australia.

Over the past few years, I’ve received alot of queries from different people, mainly from my students, readers, friends, well-wishersand even strangers via emails, FB, skype or phone about Australia and New Zealand.

Therefore,I’ve decided to communicate some messages through different video clips that may behelpful for people wishing to come to these countries.

Before coming to a country like Australiaor New Zealand, a lot of curiosity plays in mind.

I was also very curious before comingto Australia about two decades ago.

There weren't many Bangladeshis living in Sydneyat that time, so I had to learn things from others and myself.

Mentally and physically, prepare yourself to do any kind of job for at least a yearsuch as cleaning, housekeeping, kitchen-hand and waitering at the restaurant, pizza delivery,customer service and filling shelves with food, drinks and other essentials in groceryshop or supermarket.

Many students after coming to Australia andNew Zealand suffer financially and remain jobless for a number of months.

If they applythe right trick and think positively, they can actually get a job sooner.

The best way to get one of these jobs is to actuallydirectly go to the shops or restaurants and talk to the shop owner or a manager.

Thismethod gives you the higher chance of getting a job than just call them on the phone.

Theidea is that shops, restaurants or hotels often need new employees immediately due tobusy periods or staff movements, like staff being sick or staff constantly leaving jobs.

So they can make an instant decision while they are there.

If you personally know someoneor meet someone anywhere who does cleaning job for example, or works at a restaurant,nicely and openly tell them that you're looking for work if they can help you find a similarjob in his or her place.

Sometimes, word of mouth or verbal reference can easily giveyou a job.

Make sure you always have a smile on yourface and good eye contact with the manager you talk to.

Many people coming from variousAsian countries are brought up in a way that looking at someone's eyes finds it an offence.

On the other hand, it's rude not to look at eyes in Aust or NZ while talking.

At the sametime, show your confidence in your ability to do the job and speak clearly and listencarefully and actively.

If possible, speak a bit slower as well than you normally speak.

Once you get the job, first 2 to 3 months take extra care ensuring that you arrive atwork at least 5 – 10 minutes before the job starts.

You must be punctual, honest, cordialand patience.

Learn the new skills as soon as you can and do not repeat the same mistakeagain.

It’s very important- make sure you don’t make the same mistake again, becauseAustralians and New Zealanders do not like that kind of thing.

On the other hand, if you visit big supermarkets/shopping centres like Coles, Woolworths, David Jones, Myers or 4 or 5 star hotels and restaurants,manager may ask you to fill out a form and leave your resume or biodata, that’s verypopular term used in Asian countries mostly.

Sometimes, you may have to fill out formson the Websites of those businesses or companies to look for a job or work.

Knowing how to drive a car is one of the greatest skills you should have before coming to Austor NZ.

This can save you at least $1,000 if you learn driving from your home country.

Obviously, it can vary in many European and North American countries.

Your driving skillscan make you feel independent, allow you to go anywhere anytime you like and most importantlyhelp you get a job quicker as many jobs may require you to drive to work or to differentplaces or sites from work.

You can also get a job instantly like pizza delivery or cleaningetc.

as mentioned before if you know driving.

In two to three years’ time, you can probablydrive as an Uber driver to make really good money.

So driving can do a lot of good thingsfor you.

Many new comers especially students don’t know how to cook as they mostly depended ontheir parents or others to cook for them back home.

You get to remember that your parentsare not with you.

So, they face hard time with food they're not used to eating.

Eatinga lot of fast and junk food regularly like burgers, chips, sandwiches and pizza can bequite harmful for your health.

This can actually kill you eventually.

So it's a good idea tolearn how to cook different dishes with a variety of vegetables, eggs, fish, chicken,meat, daal etc, or lentil I mean daal.

This is also quite cheap and healthy to make andeat cooked food at home.

These days you should find in all major cities in Aust/NZ almostall traditional items imported from your home country.

Most people don’t return their home country in a couple of years’ time after they comehere for the first time.

So it would be wise to bring a lot of clothes and shoes for everydayuse.

This will also save you a lot of money.

Do not carry cooked or uncooked items likemeat, chicken, vegetables, fish, plants or tree related items, seeds, leaves, wood orwooden made items.

If the customs find out that you tried to carry them secretly, youmay have to pay a heavy penalty or fine.

Not a very common thing but if you ever comeup with people at the airport who wish to give you something to carry overseas for theirrelatives or anyone, simply ignore as you never know what they're giving away.

If youeven take something from someone you know in a pack that you must carry, make sure youstill open it up in front of them and inspect properly.

You have to care about your ownsafety from the time you start packing your bags and luggage until you're out of the airportin a foreign country.

Filling a form at the airport by many firsttimers can be a bit challenging, as it can be quite confusing and leading to a lot ofmistakes in the form.

So collect those forms from the travel agent when buying tickets,then fill them out in their presence or ask an educated person in your family who travelledbefore.

Most people in Australia and New Zealand arevery friendly, open and easy going.

It really doesn't mean you can start asking them abouttheir personal or private life, like age, job, salary, relationship status such as boyfriendor girfriend's name etc.

Some people coming from different countries often make this mistake.

Asking someone's age or salary may be a very common practice in many countries but notin AU/NZ.

Until and unless you're really good friend of the person or close to them, youcannot think about asking such questions that make others quite uncomfortable and they maysimply avoid you next time.

All these jobs I've mentioned at the beginningof my speech here are not probably the best jobs to do for rest of your life; but forthe time being or for a year or two, you may have to do them before you consider doingsomething better.

I'll give more tips in one of my next video clips on how to get a professionaljob or a better job in the office environment.

Just a couple of quick tips on professionaljob: you need to have at least intermediate levelof English and good understanding of computer software like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPointetc.

I have uploaded some video clips on Microsoft.

Please watch them when you can.

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