What Is Life Really Like In Sydney, Australia?

Property prices continue to rise in Sydneyas it experiences yet another year of being in a housing crisis, but this hasn’t stoppedbuyers or large numbers of people migrating to the city.

But what makes life in Sydney so attractive to the thousands who flock to the New SouthWales capital every year, despite high living expenses? Experts and local Australians makeSydney the highest populated city in the entire country and they’re drawn to everythingthe city has to offer, including education and a strong workforce.

Because of this Sydneyis a cultural melting pot.

Though there is no official language and many Sydneysiders,yes, they’re called Sydneysiders, do speak Australian English, more than 250 languagesare spoken there.

From Arabic in the western suburbs to Mandarin and Cantonese on the northernshores.

Because of the recent increase in population, the northern part of Sydney isexperiencing overcrowding in many classrooms.

Schools originally designed to educate just450 students now struggle to accommodate a burgeoning student body.

And high attendancedoesn’t stop there.

In recent years Sydney has been experiencing criticism toward the“mass marketing” of academic degrees.

While more Australians are attending universitymany argue this has affected the quality of education, tarnishing the prestige of thedegree itself.

Some have even started calling them, “McDegrees.

Widely available andworth very little.

” Whatever the quality of the education system, Sydney does havea robust workforce, as Australia is one of the most economically stable countries inthe world, despite the Global Financial Crisis.

New South Wales alone accounts for almosta third of Australia's GDP.

In fact, many migrate to Australia because of career opportunities.

The unemployment rates are low and jobs for skilled workers are plentiful.

Another attractivequality to working in Sydney is the positive work environment and amazing work-life balance.

Most working Australians get 28 paid vacation days.

One expat explain he moved from Floridabecause of this.

He observed that his office actively tracks vacation days to ensure hehas regular breaks and explained, “people leave and engage in their ‘real’ liveswithout fearing any repercussion for being away from the office.

” But while Australiansdo enjoy a fair share of vacation time, back at home Sydney is actually one of the mostexpensive cities in the world.

Now this is partially due to a number of factors includinga high minimum wage, but also their geographical location.

For example, Australians pay morefor technology and online entertainment because of geo-blocking, a policy restricting accessto content based on location.

Basically they’re so far away from everyone that it just costsmore to get stuff to them.

For example, if you want to download an album from iTunes,prepare to spend $3 more than you would in a places like the US or UK.

But this doesn’tstop Australians from enjoying their life there, any why would it? The emblematic imagesof rich sunsets and pristine beaches are true.

Sydney’s diverse population makes this cityrich in culture from the well known Sydney Opera House to energetic festivals and parades.

It becomes clear to see why Sydneysiders, no matter where originally from, decide tostay.

If you’re curious to know more about this part of the world, check out this videoon the Maori people of New Zealand, one of Australia’s closest allies.

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