Australia day is the day where we celebrate Australia the best country on earth is this like legit are you asking what is australia day? what does it mean? i dont know what i think it is or what it's actually i dont know nah i dont know it's not colonization Give me australian pick up lines i got one where are you from? canada it means the pride of australia has to come out and represent themselves today the only pick up line i've heard get ya cunt out you tell the girl to get cha cunt out and usually she does then you go home with her where are you from? England what does australia day mean? it's about the 11 convict ships which were sent from United Kingdom they came over by boat where did they land? 1788 they arrived on sydney cove wow you know quite a lot where abouts are you from? England its just getting drunk i dont really know i probably should have learnt this in school i have no idea history and settlement salmon what else do you know about australia? ummmmm probably not enough what does australia day mean? just respecting all the aboriginals for the invasion im aboriginal myself like 20% what else do you thnk about australia day? thats all i got just having a good time where are you from? sweden what does australia day mean? i just thought it was a party do you know anythng about australia day? no i dont i dont know anything about australia day australia day is just having a fun time and realizing what we all are australia day is shit it's good because i can be with hot chicks well the significance of australia day is when the white people invaded but it's ok aboriginals should accept us it means we should all come together as a community i wouldn't know i'm a kiwi whats the real meaning of australia day ummmmmm drinking partying goon sacks budgy smugglers double pluggers and sculling you cant drink a beer without sculling it well im black so it's like invasion day i'd like to spead your legs like nutella hahaha it was disappointing to realize not many people knew much about australia day to be fair i tried to get over 100 asians on camera no asians were willing to talk about australia because these asians didn't know anything about australia day either there was one English man who actually knew quite a lot made me think it is not time to become a republic just yet here's a word from asian twists new sponsor subway do you work at subway because you just gave me a footlong haha.

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