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hello everyone welcome back to english with Lucy I'm with Emma from mmmEngish mmm yes you are mmm yes i am today we're going to have a conversation so we're going to have a chat and hopefully it will help you with your English listening skills i'd like to ask Emma a few questions about how she became a teacher, her experiences i think it's going to be really interesting because I'm genuinely interested in how you got started on YouTube and how you started teaching I recommend that you listen to this video once without subtitles and then you watch it again with subtitles to see how much you understood we also filmed another video about introductions which is on Emma's channel so make sure you watch that as well the link will be in the description box alright let's get started ok so Emma what do you do? well Lucy I'm a teacher teacher I teach.

Are you? Yeah I teach English online so i do that through youtube or through my website and Facebook groups and that kind of thing so I have lots of students online how did you get into teaching? because you originally did something different yeah i did I've been teaching for about five years now okay but before that I was a landscape architect a landscape architect yes it was a design degree that i did at university but you know of course I wanted to travel and I wanted to live in other countries and experience other cultures and things like that so i decided to train to be a teacher and so did you teach and academy or did you do private lessons I taught in an academy there yeah yeah I've never had any Vietnamese students i mainly teach Spanish students ok in person but I have a whole rainbow of students on my online and that's the great thing about teaching exactly what do you think is the biggest challenge for vietnamese students learning for Vietnamese students yeah well i think a lot of it is to do with pronunciation because we have a lot of very different sounds in English that are not really present in their pronunciation when they speak in Vietnamese there's only one so a lot of consonant sounds especially when they're the end of words shall I get a lot of comments about the th sounds yeah for Spaniards actually for Spanish speakers the biggest problem is the pronunciation of the vowels mhm because in English we have 12 vowel sounds and seven diphthongs and they just have five vowel sounds and a couple of dipthongs as well and I think it's even even more difficult because actually the script the alphabet is the same so the confusion between the letters and the pronunciation is crazy and of course with english not being phonetic.

absolutely, because in Spanish it is phonetic exactly yeah you read it as it is i remember seeing children read really really long words in Spanish and I thought oh my God you guys are GENIUSES and I realized that actually no you just read it section by section and the letters and the accents tell you exactly how to pronounce it but in English it just isn't like that yeah how it's written is absolutely not how it's pronounced yeah and even if it's written like that it can be in different words it can be pronounced completely differently yeah even if it's the same so what do you think is the best way to students to learn how to how to pronounce words in English i think i'm a really big fan of imitating other native speakers definitely and I think that's great for pronunciation practice but also for learning the intonation and the rhythm of English because your you know students will listen to us when we speak and hear that our voices are kind of going up and down and up and down and that's so important yeah there's so much meaning in that for english know the same sentence in a couple of different ways with different tones of voices and it means something completely change it yeah and that can really be confusing for students well it can be confusing when you're trying to speak and get your message across but when you're listening you know you miss so much information if you don't understand that so it's really important another thing for me is the set phrases like be the expressions but this is the same for learning any language I remember when I Spanish here really weird phrases and you want another wheeler yeah you can't just guess yeah you mean like Indians or radio and yeah yeah you really have a few it's like inside knowledge really have to work on so what about Spanish learners what I you've talked about some of the navigation problems they have but what other kinds of problems do they have with English one of the big ones in my opinion is World Order hmm you can't just translated sentences literally because we really change things around yeah so in one sentence in spanish you can't directly translated into English is we're going to send you we're going to talk to you that's a big one also they really struggle with trailers and I'm a confusing thing in English is some crazy about have multiple means yes separable people really little and so what about your teaching experience what how did you get into teaching by accident really the best accident i have had and i was working and marketing in madrid in my life I was doing sandwich course at University which is what you do two years university one year industry and then one last year university okay normally courses are three years if you do a son which course that ball so I'm just going to be my year industry Madrid and then the company closed i found myself chocolate so I did my teaching qualification just feel that get in madrid i didn't develop actually i moved back with my ex-boyfriend and teaching i will have to make had to be for awhile and then I also finishing my degree I had a couple of English groups yes then I started to everything yes yeah this is a game-changer for sure so what is it that you really love that teaching i love that you can really make a difference and you can see it and I like Google people's confidence so I know that after one hour session with someone i will be able to see a real marked difference you know they're the quality of that yeah without you that's a good question it's um it's definitely like if I think about what I was doing before and I was working in an office in a team that was great but what I love about teaching is how instantly you can help people and you know really help them to change what they're doing understanding something and start using the language differently so i think that's one of the really lovely things about teaching is you can really help people and make a difference yeah and you can open so many you can help them to open so many doors because having an extra language can completely change your life yeah I didn't know spanish I wouldn't be here meeting I from late so much for answering my questions nobody like dat shouting and lovely catching up with you here not yet been great xu yeah I come and visit mean well but so if you like this video make sure you head over to Emma's channel the link to her video another video we did together just having a chat without introductions yeah introductions and small talk with our first video that's in the description box so click on that and go and see what we spoke about on any channel don't forget to connect with me on my social media which is all over her face right yeah if you don't mind I will see you again for another English lesson very very soon not right up ok so here and here you can turn under I'd love to show you my area like okay we're using it everybody left.

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