Hey guys! I am Nichola from the My Korean Husband YouTube channel and today I have Sara with me Sara, what is your YouTube name? My YouTube channel is SeoulSarang Which means you love Seoul! pretty much! Yeah.

I love all of Korea But I like the double S sound with Seoul That's what we went with! You are not discriminating I get that comment sometimes! No I love it all! Why don't you like Busan? I do love Busan, Busan is beautiful And you are an Aussie girl like me.

– Yup I'm from Queensland which is up North That's where my sister lives And today we are going to talk about some things that we learn to do in Korea that are actually maybe bad habits in Australia but it's perfectly fine to do it in Korea but you've spent some time living in Korea on and off Yeah back and forth a lot.

On exchange and then back in Australia Switching between cultures it can be hard So the first one I thought of, was kinda being late to everything Like in Australia I'm so punctual.

– Yes 10 minutes before I will be standing there waiting Yeah, waiting for them, you don't want to be the last person it's not good but in Korea I'm just late for everything but it's okay Yeah I'm late all the time too, you'll text someone and be like "Hey I'm going to be 15 minutes late" and they are like "Good because I'm 20 minutes late" Like, "I'm still 2 hours away!" I feel like part of that is because the public transport is so good here if I miss my bus there is going to be another one in 5 minutes so it doesn't matter But, where I'm from anyway, if I miss the bus, the next bus isn't for half an hour and then I miss the bus I have to transfer to and I can end up being an hour late Just by being 5 minutes late out of my house It's the same in Sydney.

– It's the same? the public transport is so terrible.

– I thought it would be better ah.


ha ha ha Yeah so some trains are only coming every half hour or so So if you miss that one, on like the Inner West line or something So you plan so carefully – Yeah! and you have to like.

'Journey Planner!' (app) Yes! It depends, when I'm in Australia if someone is late I'm like "Oh it's so annoying" yeah like how dare you! But in Korea I'm like "Yeah I'll wait too!" It's so easy.

it like.

– I think also in Seoul there are so many things to do and see Yeah! So I'm just going to look at this thing that is happening over here That's true, if someone's late you are going to be in a shop but I feel like I'm going to be sitting on the side of the road waiting I'm so bored! – Yeah! Yeah it's so true! So true! So the other one is holding doors open for people when entering or leaving a building So when I'm in Australia if I go through a building and there is someone behind me I'm going to hold it open for them Here you go! If there is just one (person) they might walk through and I'll keep walking Or if there is a lot of people, they grab the door and you walk off and people just take the door off you and you say thanks or smile but.


no one holds doors open for you in Seoul And if you hold a door open they will just walk out and everyone will keep just walking out and you are just standing there like a door man Yeah, so sometimes I will hold a door open for someone still So when you go back to Australia are you just slamming the doors in peoples faces? When I first get back I'll just walk through and it's like.

that's not what you are supposed to do! So you train back into it Yeah I have had it and you feel like.

Because they are expecting you to hold it open too Another thing I'm in the really bad habit of doing or wanting to do this with western people or like Australian people I want to ask them lots of personal questions because it's so normal in Korea So, are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a girlfriend? Where are you living? What is your job? People hate that in Australia! Especially boyfriend and girlfriend questions Here it's like, you literally get in a taxi and the taxi driver will be like "Are you married? blah blah blah" It's literally just conversation Yeah just talking and in Korea you learn how to do it.

You've got your answers ready.

It's okay.

But I think for Australians if someone says that they are like "Why? Why are you asking that?" Like, (in Korea), people always want to know your age and that's also for how to talk to you How to talk to you.

Are you older or younger? You need to know that But in Australia I feel like No one will really ask my age, but the only time I feel like someone will ask my age is if you are a girl and they are a guy The only time they will ask your age is if they are actually interested in you (interested in dating you) Because they want to see if you are a similar age Do you fit into the dating range? That's when you come to Korea and everyone asks how old you are and you're like "Are you trying to set me up with someone?" What? Why are you asking? Yeah you can ask a lot more personal questions in Korea and it's fine.

Because everyone does it so you feel comfortable with it too but in Australia it's like "Nooo" And when I go back Australia I have to stop myself because I'm not entitled to know that but I feel a bit pissed off I'd not say "pissed off" But I feel a bit like miffed.

– Like frustrated that I can't ask them this thing because I'm just so used to people not caring I definitely think the boyfriend question gets (annoys) people Yeah People don't like that one.

Boyfriend or girlfriend Because if they have got one then maybe they will tell you and if they don't well there's nothing to talk about And in Korea people might even be like, "Why are you not married?!" Yeah people do ask that one "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" "When are you going to get one?" Well on May 27th! I'm booked in! I put my application in! for the namja (boy) for the namja (boy) school Another one is kinda slurping food and talking while you are eating Like the expression of "This is sooo good!" you know Like slurping the food can be the sign of I'm really enjoying it.

– Oh do you do that in Australia? Sometimes I've got to adjust a little bit And also in Australia you are not talking about how good the food is that much No, we'll be like "That's good" And then we just finish it But in Korea I feel like you have to be praising the food all the time I feel like Australia is getting to be more a food culture now at least until recently, in Queensland, mainstream people weren't that interested Whereas Korea is very much about food which I love It's so important! That's one of the things I love, "Yeah food time!" But in Australia, if the whole meal you were like "OMG this is so good!" people will be like "Yeah I know, you've said that" Yeah "calm down" "Let's talk about something else now" Like in Korea you can do a little dance – Yeah I do that! I've taken that to Australia! See! There ya go! You probably think I'm a bit weird now Not rude.

Just a bit weird "I'm gonna dance cause this food is so good" Yeah happy food dance! I do that.

There ya go! So another different thing is in Korea the roads are actually opposite to Australia So when I walk on the footpath I'll walk on the right side instead of the left and also in Korea people don't really stick to one side like on the escalators people will stand on the right but on the footpath there are so many people so everyone just walks wherever So when I get back to Australia because I'm used to being on the right side of escalators and everyone walking wherever I'll do that when I get back to Australia for a while and people get a bit annoyed, because you are supposed to.

in Australia not only do you stand on the left side on escalators you have to walk on the left side of footpaths Like if someone is walking at you, you both need to move to the left and all the bikes! This is what happens to me when I go back Australia and I'm walking in a park, just this aggressive like bike thing because I'm obviously (walking) in the bike lane thing Oh I had a guy get cranky at me for that once too! I was like stepping in his bike lane cause I was crossing aggressive bikes! It's just sort of not like.

like policed as much.

like self policed in Korea People just sorta walk everywhere And I think to be honest, there are a lot of people in Korea and there are a lot of buildings so people are always coming out of places So it's going to be impossibly to always come out on the right side Yeah So I understand it, but in Australia people are like.

they are like "this is the bike lane in the park!" and even in shopping centres, I'm really guilty of this too.

I get really cranky when people walk on the wrong side towards me because I'm like "There is all this space over there, you can walk there!" so when I come back from Korea I'm walking on the wrong side and I'm like "Oh no now I'm doing it!" switch back! I think a little bit, I'm not sure how much I do this but you know how in Korea you can sit very close to people and you can walk very close to people but in Australia, you are in their personal space! Yeah! They are going to get a bit thingy (annoyed) about it so in Korea I'm so much more comfortable Just to – So if a stranger was eating there it's fine and I would just sit down Whereas in Australia they would be like.

"What are you doing?" Even in Australia, because in Korea it's this whole thing of space so if there is a seat next to you, someone is going to sit in it but if you are in Australia and you are in a food court and you have an empty seat next to you.

even if that's the only seat, you still won't sit next to that person because you don't know them you'll go find somewhere else to eat but in Korea if there's one seat you are gonna sit down I've probably stood a bit too close though (in Australia) because your personal space bubble does get a bit smaller or you get a bit more.

because girls are quite a bit touchy in Korea and not so much in Australia so sometimes I'll be a bit more grabby with friends and they are kinda like "Why are you touching me so much?" Speaking of girls, I think that is something that I don't know if this is a rude thing, but in Korea, you can go to a cafe and just sit down and do your full makeup like you can look at yourself in public and it's completely acceptable so in Australia I want to do this because I think this is a great thing that we can be comfortable to do that – and that we are wearing makeup and literally apply it in public because we all know that we do it.

It doesn't need to be this secret hidden away thing So in Australia I will still sometimes be like that People would look at you.

– Yeah they do! I know one! Using mobile phones at the dinner table like at the coffee shop Yeah Because I've a lot of friends Like in Korea it's the tech leader in phones Let's be honest and so people always have their phone on their table and for me, that took me a long time to get used to because I found it really annoying because "you've come out to dinner with me.

Put your phone away" "I need to look at this" So then I go back to Australia and my phone is there and then people are like "what are you doing? Put your phone away" Yeah it's much more acceptable in Korea but at the same time, Korea has such a social culture So you are still talking to everyone You see your friends more often in Korea I think that's it Where it's like you go to see your friend all the time so they are not going to be upset when you are like – If you are on your phone If you are like "Sorry I just gotta Kakao Talk with this person" and it's like fine whatever.

But I feel like in Australia it's like – You've set that time aside! You see them once a month and they are on their phone.

How dare they do that! That's exactly it! Particularly in Brisbane it's hard to get to somewhere else so if you go out to somebody, I've caught a bus for an hour to see you! or like 45 minutes into the city.

– And then you're on Facebook on your phone and then if you are on your phone.

this is the one time in like 2 weeks I get to see you and you are on your phone.

Yeah that's true and in Korea you see people so much more often You see people all the time Because you are like, "Hey are you out here?" and They are like "Yeah" so So much more socializing.

There you go! We worked it out! Good for us So true.

Solving issues! So what about you guys? Have you been back and forth between countries before? and done something that is such a bad habit in one country but in the other country it's fine! Let us know in the comment section And go over to Sara's channel and subscribe to her You can click on her face here and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already check out the social media the comics, and the webtoon on LINE Webtoon and we'll see you later BYE.

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