Volvo Develops Kangaroo Detection Technology

It's a "hashtag" Australia problem, but it's a serious one: Kangaroo car collisions.

And Volvo wants to fix it.

The car manufacturer is busy working on, what it calls, a "kangaroo detection and collision avoidance system.

" See, those of us who don't live Down Under aren't really aware of the kangaroo's deadly habit of hopping in front of oncoming vehicles.

According to Australia's National Roads & Motorists' Association, 20,000 of the marsupials are involved in car accidents each year.

So Volvo is going to build off its current City Safety autonomous emergency braking technology, so that Aussies can avoid these kanga crashes.

This kind of detection and avoidance technology already exists for other animals like deer and moose, but kangaroos are a lot more – shall we say – erratic than those creatures.

This new technology takes that unpredictable behavior into account, and will hopefully save some marsupial lives.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Molly Riehl.

Source: Youtube