Visit Australia🐸🇦🇺

Wow, I sure do wish I could live in a place better than Columbus, Indiana.

Well stop your wishing and start your doing.

Imagine yourself living in Southeastern Australia with coal, mountains, and beautiful landscapes.

There are lots of Top Blokes and we have the best kind of chook.

We also have many beautiful big smokes.

Does this place really exist? Indeed it does.

We also have many great jobs in out region.

We have lots of mountains to ski.

There are also many music festivals in the summer.

Well if there is a place this great there has to be some negatives isn't there? There is.

In the winter it can drop below freezing and there can be avalanches in the snow mountains.

Well that sounds pretty bad, but you've convinced me.

I want to move there right now.

Great Decision.

Great things start here.

Source: Youtube