Un Pokemon Baterista! | Sidney | Work and Travel Australia Vlog #3

Che capo is this place? It is for fireworks night? And we have not garpar to come here? Yeah, well, actually already all sold And where we can go that night? Oh, in the new year? Bue, look, there are two fireworks shows.

It is one at nine pm and the other at twelve.

If you start to matina that side pa And you grab place, you do a picnic.

There? HE Ahi or crossing that If you venis tempranito For all cagarte come early to the place, you wear? You bring the picnic blanket, the whole ball.

And presto ma Royal And it is gratirola not there? But you got to be there at nine in the morning alla, no? No, um.

Some go at nine.

Some go.

When it sings, cachai? But once you occupy place.

So vo.

And we have to cross to that side, some anchovy face? And.

you got that view is better.

If you go beyond pa.

It is better viteh Because fireworks are with the city And because some chetos off fireworks from the top of the buildings also Ahhh piola.

Crazy good thanks! What is your name? Sam Thanks Sam!.

Source: Youtube