Trying Kangaroo Jerky from Australia | Exotic Meat Taste Test

Hey friend – a friend, one of you has sent us Jerky subscriber is currently Mail time.

It's like dried meat.

Dried salami.

And this kangaroo meat from Australia.

So today we are together, yes son – my son.

And two friends and I will open it and then try and tell you what it feels like.

So any of you here who have never eaten kangaroo meat before? No.

No yes, now There is little difference between the dried meat in Indonesi With what we eat in America, for example, we usually eat Jerky cows in America may be in Australia they eat Jerky Kangaroos.

But we can eat it straight from the package without having to cook it.

That's different, right? (Veron) Yes, it is different.

So here you have to cook it first.

(Veron) Yes we have to cook it first or warmed.

Why do you have to cook it first? (Veron) may be better or safer ,.

Secure? Yes.

So this is supposed to be safe in eating directly from its packaging.

We'll know tomorrow.

Who wants to smell it first? (Seth) I.

(Seth) smelled like cow Jerky.

(Sarah) Jerky smells like a cow.

(Veron) Wow, delicious aroma.

(Seth) was delicious, as Jerky Beef.

It smelled like.


(Veron) No, I did not know before but this kangaroo meat tasty.


The aroma is a little different from cow jerky.

(Veron) It's a little greasy when in the hold.

Yes as there is no oil on it.

So it looks like up close.

And I will tear it out to see, wow this is very elastic.

It's like a refined, processed Jerky beef, such as one slice.

Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3.

(Sarah) Enak.

(Veron) Enak.

(Sarah) There was great.

(Seth) was different from the usual beef Jerky.

(Sarah) As far as processed papa said.

There is little.

Unlike Jerky cattle in general, perhaps because of seasoning.

Perhaps there is a different flavor in Australia.

But this is good.

(Sarah) Yes it feels like Jerky something.

(Veron) Because I am Indonesian, it would be much better if warm.

You have to cook.


So this made for eating directly from the package Veron.

And there is in it says do not eat.

(Veron) Oh yes, of course.

This is not a spice.

Good friends is Jerky kangaroo from Australia.

I do not know where you can buy it, maybe you can check online if you want to try.

But of us who are here would love a thumbs up or.

Thumb up.

Kangaroo meat taste good at all.

Source: Youtube