Trek the Larapinta Trail – Australia’s Most Iconic Walk

The Larapinta Trail is Australia's most iconic walk It is situated in the Northern Territory of Central Australia and it goes from Alice Springs all the way out to Mount Sonder covering about 220 kilometers.

We have a three-day, a six-day, a nine-day, and an end-to-end trek, which goes14 days.

You walk out of Alice Springs and as the sections go on, from 1 to 12 it just gets better as it goes on.

It's such a unique way to experience such a diverse landscape and culture that you should just give it a go.

The Larapinta in Comfort is a six-day supported tour, with usually three or four guides, and they are in semi-permanent camps.

Each camp site has safari-style tents, a dining room, kitchen, a fire, and has bathrooms and toilets.

It's just a really good way to introduce people to the area as well as provide them with the comfort and support for them to to enjoy each day.

And then when they come back after day of trekking they get to relax and be able to put their feet up without having to worry about the food or anything.

So that's all all supported by the guides and the company The semi-permanent campsites that World Expeditions have are absolutely fantastic.

It was wonderful dining under the canopy and that the tall tents were terrific.

The campsites are absolutely beautiful It's an absolute delight to be in the middle of the desert and have such a beautiful sight.

I'm so happy that we get to come back to a nice tent, and a really good cooked meal.

I think they have exceeded all expectations especially the food, I must say.

So all of our guides take it upon themselves to provide high quality meals.

We put out three course meals no matter what trip that you come on.

They seem to be quite good cooks as well, they keep coming up with these great meals.

That's really surprised me, like this is better than sometimes going to a restaurant back in the city.

Our guides were wonderful, really professional and really good fun to be with.

They've got good knowledge of Aboriginal customs and culture and very good knowledge of the bush foods as well, so the guides have been exceptional I think.

For everyone it's different, it depends what sort of things you like to challenge yourself with.

A lot of people will say Mount Sonder is the most challenging thing that they do.

Having an early start and climbing the mountain for sunrise.

I love doing Mount Sonder You start walking at 3:30 in the morning and you see the new day come up from the very top.

The walk itself up to Mount Sonder is pretty unique.

It's definitely a highlight.

Definitely the one that you want to "tick off".

This is beautiful country, an amazing experience.

You're walking with people who are very like-minded.

They're out here for the same challenges and they want the same experience that you do.

So you you create a unique bond throughout your group.

When people do the Larapinta Trek, they love the outdoors and they have a common interest in the natural environment so we often find that with groups, as soon as we pick them up they already get along and they click.

At the end of the week is like you're one happy family and then you don't want to leave.

So you do form some really nice friendships out here You definitely have to come out and do the trail.

When I first did I knew I had to come back and do it.

There's just something about the place.

You just have to come and see it for yourself.

You can't google image this.

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