Now it's time to see more of the amazing animals No.

478 KANGAROO stunning trees Yup what did you do? You have heard me Tree kangaroo is a marsupial animal large And very much like a normal kangaroo Good day, my friend You can find it in the rain forest in the north (Australia) And (Papua New Guinea) and.

at the top of the trees KANGAROO trees Blida on the ground but when put on the tree It becomes a creature swift and graceful and active Oh my God I'm fine Sharp claws and long tail allows him to balance safely above the.

Oh my God! Some species of tree kangaroo at risk Because humans cut down trees in the forest habitat You can not climb to get here on your own tree Well, hoot, do not get angry It's amazing that he can jump about 60 feet to the forest floor And jump 30 feet away from the tree to the other So, maybe we call it "Boumrngro" KANGAROO trees, we love you What a stunning animal.

Source: Youtube