Travelling Sydney Vlog, Harbour Bridge View✔Backpacking Australia#63 German+Engish Subtitles

hello, welcome to Fernweh! we are back in Coffs Harbour we are having a short holiday, before we keep going in Bali Ramona is working physically hard say hello Ramona say something enjoy the beach We found a little market we are walking through and have a look, what we'll find here hello 🙂 We are sitting here in Coffs Harbour and we are waiting for the Night Train yep we drive to Sydney through the night we're there at 7 am tomorrow we're tired already it's alright heavily loaded again without a car on road, the first time since a long time and.

dressed very good like always with thongs 🙂 yeah.

see you soon in Sydney hello good morning, welcome to Fernweh we're back where we started once in Sydney a few more days and we fly to Bali, yeah 🙂 we're looking forward now we're tired and we.

didn't book something yesterday we actually wanted to do airbnb again but now we have to walk to a hostel and stay one night then we look after something else don't we? yep 🙂 we're on the way to the harbour bridge we haven't been there yet we'll do that today I've been scared haha.

I didn't look So.

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see you next time.

thank you ah of course! do something good for yourselves, you deserve it to be happy <3 take it easy bye bye.

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