Travelling Sunshine Coast Vlog ☀ Mount Ngungun✔Backpacking Australia#38 German+English Subtitles

Hi welcome to fernweh we are in Mooloolaba i don't think you pronounced it right but probably i don't know 😀 anyway, at the Sunshine Coast and we had 4 days continous rainfall yes and for the first time it looks like that we are really going to see the sun soon i hope so that would be nice sunshine coast 😀 anyway it's very beautiful here now we are going to the city Hello today we were at mount Nungun!? Gungun!? Gungun?! I don't know 😀 yes, you can watch it now Ramona! Yes.

haha it makes me sad cutting the onions makes you sad yes ;D again and again hahaha so grandpa look at the master cook what he is cooking today can you recognize it tell us, what is inside? love 😀 preview, next time.

Source: Youtube