Preparing for the Tour de Australie! And we made some trail mix which was supposed to be bars but it didn't quite work out.

We still eat it.

Le Francais.

I'm doing my french! Are you ready to go, or are we still waiting for you to go to the toilet? I need to poop first! I'm on my third coffee Any last words? This is going to be fantastic! After 80.

1 kilometers And a lot of butt cream We're at the top of the barstone range We biked right up.

We've done 95.

3 kilometers and this is definitely the top And way down there in the distance is the road we came up And over the hills over there is the road we're going home And the mountain range directly to our left is where we were last week We just got back from the hill (mountain) and now we had lunch which was really fantastic really needed a break Slowly starting to feel it in my legs, in my back and uhm, yeah about 80 or something kilometers ahead of us.

So, I'll be dead.

We made it back in one piece.

I'm very tired.

191 kilometers in the end.

so tired it's dark outside my butt hurts I couldn't do more 191.

5 kilometres in almost nine hours This is us after the ride We almost got the energy to do something, but not much I told her at some point on our trip that we that we might be able to see some fatamorganas and tell the story Anne and I asked, is that something out of the Lion King it's not cold.

You should have done a bike ride.

Go Jules! I survived!.

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