Travel to Australia, Visit Popular Tourist Destinations

Deep Sea Divers Den Day Tour Snorkle or Dive with Nemo and Australian Wally Stop and enjoy the landscape of Australia A small city with 7,000 inhabitants and surrounded by beautiful Islands and the rainforest Ocean Rafting Day Tour to Whiteheaven Fraser Island with Fraser Explorer Tours World Heritage listed Fraser Island, an Australian icon.

One of the only places on the earth where rainforest grows in sand at elevations of 200m Lake McKenzie measures over 150 hectares rainwater with a depth of 5 metres, which would make it feel like you’re swimming in a pool, only much larger and cleaner For a cost of $70 you could enjoy an air tour over Fraser Island, and yes it takes of from the beach.

it's pretty cool! I wasn't nervous! My mum was.

The Maheno, there are som tales about this shipwreck that is worth reading! The Island expands with around 2 meters every year The 75 mile long beach makes Fraser Island a popular tourist attraction Byron Bay is a must see destination with a vibrant bohemian feeling Enjoy the beaches, surf and relax in the most easterly points of Australia If you dare you could try hang gliding.

On the road back to Melbourne.

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