Thunderstorm Asthma at Least Kills 3 in Australia

A thunderstorm in Australia turns into a terrifying environmental phenomenon, leaving at least three people dead.

It's called thunderstorm asthma and it happened late on Monday, Nov.


The rare event takes place when a thunderstorm is paired with high humidity and winds and a lot of rye grass pollen.

The pollen absorbs the water from the humidity and breaks into thousands of even smaller pieces that then get trapped in people's lungs, triggering severe asthma attacks even in people who may have never experienced an attack before.

That Monday night, Ambulance Victoria received nearly 2,000 calls in the span of five hours.

One of the three reported deaths occurred while the young woman and her family waited for more than 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

Health minister Jill Hennessy told reporters, "This was like having a hundred bombs go off in different places all over Victoria.

All of them were life threatening cases.

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Source: Youtube