what's up guys it's Yogge and today i have a brand new video for you guys so guys today the gameplay that you're seeing on the screen is surprisingly infinite warfare gameplay now I told you guys I my main game was going to be modeled for a master but today i was like i'm tired of model for a massive a little bit let's play some Infected on you know everything and your friend this is interesting gameplay because not you know regular gameplay Russian and stuff like that is actually pretty slow paced mostly campaign because I try to survive and not get infected but you guys will see how the gameplay goes but anyways guys let's get into the video so guys today what I wanted to show you something actually pretty pretty funny in my opinion so today we're going to be wrecking to a video of a man basically this is the description I mean you guys description a man squares up to a kangaroo to save his dog now pretty interesting right sounds really really interesting in trust me it is so without further ado let's go ahead and play this video so as you guys can see rose up to it as you can see the kangaroo has a dog in like a headlock squares up right here bank here but is that just like stairs I ok he's not gonna fight back day there's no kangaroo jack here so you punch them and then literally like dips being tell me it's crazy out there is something like this happen if you guys know what kangaroo jack is you r OG because only people like born like a limited to thousands or like 90-something like remember kangaroo jack basically don't know what it is i believe it's like a forgot i really don't remember all the brown members like a kangaroo who boxes a lot and you know like leaves his home or something like that tries to go back I don't know this is something like that but yeah I mean look at this look at this big just punches that's crazy and there is a severe like literally fight and I literally square like a walkabout like that was anything about what have you seen like a human being scored with like a crocodile Lorelai somebody would do that they'd get knocked out not all let me search up right here of kangaroos campfire I believe they can box so guys I just search it up and they actually can't buy i believe they don't fight with their hands though I think all they do is they fight with their feet because you know obviously they have a lot of muscle then they have a lot of power so I believe that's how they fight here let's watch another video right here yeah like five real quick let's watch this is a middle road to pretty crazy stuff I let's see what happens as you see here they've been fighting with their hands little bit in their feet so kind of it doesn't look like they're fighting really but i guess this is how they apply oh they're oh ok ok so i mean i don't know i guess your channel like wait for open i don't know i don't know what they're doing but yeah the kingdom's can't fight but the fight with their feet mostly so yeah I'm there it is guys guys that's just crazy I mean if you guys would have saw a kingdom holding your dog i doubt some of you guys will go up and fight it some of you might have the guts to go up and like literally punch it but i doubt i don't even I will go to a king route to save my dog but you guys should know that I've never on the dog before and I really take care of my pets I've had two birds and they've they've died had like you with the two weeks so I mean our I know some of you might be that's not funny but I don't really take your pets that much so I don't know what i would do if i solve my dog being a headlock with a kangaroo a pressure when my parents or something we'll try to go and you know free the dog but I don't know kangaroos are aggressive at some point in just to see this massive dog is pretty crazy but yeah I guess it'll be for the video guys are right swimming at least the Ponte don't want to do any car news so hope you guys enjoyed the video animations you like individuals eyeball again i will do some more different type of gameplay brian i just can't find the right game so you have been good i was you all on the next one.

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