The Yield + Microsoft: Transforming the Australian agricultural industry

It's amazing that the verything that we depend upon for survival is subject toone of the most unpredictable forces on the planet.

When you know how muchof our food supply could be lost even in thetiniest variations of weather, it's a miracle that we exist.

The Yield's an AustralianAgTech business.

Our purpose is to feed the worldwithout wrecking the planet.

The Yield takesmicroclimate sensing data and combines it withpredictive modeling so that we can help growersimprove their yields and reduce their risks.

Weather can have a fairlysignificant impact on oysters.

They're filter feeders.

The rain can actually causeour bays to be closed.

What we need isinformation that helps us to make decisionsregarding opening and closing, and that's where TheYield fits into that mold.

The Yield specificallydesigned a sensing system that can measure thewater that oysters drink, and we send this datato Microsoft's cloud.

We then deliver thedata in easy-to-use apps so that growers andindustry regulators can make fast, informed decisions.

We also use AzureMachine Learning to predict local conditionsand reduce uncertainty.

So only three weeksago we were faced with the problem oflots of rain, changes in our environment,but this time, through The Yield'stechnology and assistance, we were able to prove thatthe impact from the runoff was not significantenough to make us close.

[MUSIC PLAYING] 25 years ago we didn't have thetechnology that we've got now.

To work out how much waterI had to put on the crop, I got a drum and a tape measure,and I measured the evaporation that came off during the day.

And that way I couldestimate the volume to put on for the crop.

The new app takes theguesswork out of farming.

It's an exact science.

And the whole objectiveis to get high yield.

We're partneringwith Bosch to develop our microclimate sensing system.

It's an irrigation app, butit's so much more than that.

Getting the water contentright at harvesting time is critical for shelf life.

You're never goingto replace farmers.

What we do is givethem the technology to make their job easier.

We can save theindustry millions by just knowing theexact time to harvest so we can extend shelf life.

Well, I'm a bit of a techie,so bringing data analytics into the farming arena,I get really excited.

Each year we lose about200 tons of lettuce to water-related issues.

We believe, with The Yield,we can reduce that by 30%, saving the company hundreds ofthousands of dollars each year.

We will be able to turn thatdata into useful information that we can use in thefield in real time.

Today we're using our technologyto improve profitability for growers.

But who knows? In the future, wemight be relying on this type of technologyto feed ourselves.

The data's all there,it's just a matter of the right technologyto make use of it.


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