The future of Australian cities


Angus Taylor MP) A central part of the Smart Cities Plan is City Deals.

We’ve seen these happen in a number of countries around the world and they involve all levels of Government working together to set a set of goals that are going to make our cities better and make people living in our cities have a higher quality of living and standard of life.

So, the goals include things like, more jobs, particularly jobs close to where people live, more housing, particularly affordable housing, better connectivity, shorter commute times between home and work and services and schools and so on and more sustainable cities, more green space, more trees.


Paul Fletcher) The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has a very strong commitment to cities and the Turnbull Government is determined to look at all of the policy levers available to us to support the growth of our cities.

They’re such an important driver of economic activity and of course they’re where the great majority of Australians live.


Greg Hunt MP) Cities are about people.

Liveable cities are about the engagement of people from all walks of life, irrespective of their economic background, their social background, their historic background.

It’s about cities which bring everything together.


Angus Taylor MP) The key here is to make sure that all the initiatives that all levels of Government are doing are focussed on achieving those goals, making these cities a better place to live.

Now every city is eligible to do a City Deal but they will not work unless we have collaboration between all three levels of Government and the private sector and the local community and so we want to work with cities who want to do this, who want to set goals and who jointly want to put initiatives in place to deliver them.

If we do that, we’re confident we can deliver great outcomes for what are already great cities in this country.

Make them even better.

Source: Youtube