THE FIRST DAILY VLOG! | πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Australia #1

weird thing this morning is I know there's something that I meant to be doing I see something that all three of us mens be doing but can't remember what is it's worrying me because I don't be late to it wherever doesn't that say let's go ask the guys need a woman's been today I'm racking my brains but i can't think it's so weird so I'm going been worried yeah honestly all right you remember all them into the ends day no I'm just sort of my mother went to be doing then you sure you don't remember me over books a moment to the new book and access to the train station where we gonna do that now i gotta look I've just suddenly remembered we're going to Australia to do you go to try yeah this is a team that embrace a freezie was white sox up three well again she goes yes perfect flat 12 done we're officially third of the way there Oh you're right so far we've got 42 efforts to damages I've had about six bills at 18 years between us I've watched six films and probably watch to fill that entire series of a TV show and we've still got two hours to go he's mentally are always ready raised by sean's gonna be that if you're gonna be the soldier on any ad on improving emirates because of the best food the best film and TV it makes that very ridiculously long journey a little bit easier I'm trying to sleep as late as well because when we get there about ten o'clock tonight australian time so if we sleep on the plane will get there will be awake and it wasn't bedtime australia and we're going out where that we still sticking out stay awake then we'll be having to get to Australia we can sleep on their time and hopefully trying to avoid gentlemen it's wishful thinking whereby just work 21 and a half hours of flying but finally here going that's it from the first day blog of Australia not that interesting because it was just loads of traveling 21 hours of traveling 11,000 miles of traveling and eleven different time zones of traveling but it will get pretty hectic from here on because the first port for tomorrow is to pick up a motorhome then got a little 10-day road trip which should be amazing but I'm not get the best one last thing these YouTube videos are not going to be the only way to follow what we did on the trip is also going to be an Instagram obviously it's going to be inscribed stories and also maybe the odd little facebook life so if you don't like my facebook page already is in the description Grover give their life so you don't miss it want to do their Facebook lives other than that end of this blog tomorrow day log number two guys or.

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