Team UniSA-Australia at the 2016 Santos Tour Down Under

It's a very special year for the University, 2016.

Not only is it 16 years since we were sponsoring the Team UniSA in the Tour Down Under but also, it's the 25th birthday of the University of South Australia itself.

Happy 25th birthday UniSA! Happy birthday to UniSA, a great organisation, terrific relationship with the Santos Tour Down Under, we really appreciate your support and all the best for the future.

I'd love to wish UniSA a happy 25th birthday.

Happy 25th birthday to UniSA.

I want to thank you guys for the opportunities you gave me when I was in the team in 2010 and 2012.

Without you guys I wouldn't be here right now.

Well, I'd just like to join with everybody else who really appreciate what you've done for the world of cycling and the Santos Tour Down Under.

So, I wish you a sincere very happy 25th birthday.

Happy birthday to the University of South Australia.

I can't believe 25 years! Congratulations UniSA.

Happy birthday UniSA.

Happy birthday UniSA! Happy birthday UniSA.

Happy birthday UniSA.

Happy birthday UniSA, I'm so proud to see you've grown up so beautiful and so successful.

Happy birthday University of South Australia.

You're an amazing institution and I'm proud to be one of your alumni.

Happy birthday UniSA.

A very happy 25th birthday.


Happy birthday.

Happy 25 years.

Best wishes for your 25th.

Happy birthday UniSA, I brought you a bunch of flowers.

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