Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour – Australia

(fun instrumental music) – Today I'm checking outthe most recognizable sails in the world.

I'm going behind the scenesof the Sydney Opera House.

Wow, look at that.

Before we head into the opera house, I'm gonna try a tasting plate, which gives you all sorts of things from the opera kitchen, mmm.

As much as the opera house is a landmark, it also is a performance theater and has over 2,500performances every year.

The design of the Sydney Opera House was done by architect Jorn Utzon, but there's a sad part to the story.

Utzon never saw the completed opera house.

Foyer with a view.

As you stand waitingfor your show to begin you have this miraculousview of the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We've just come to the main concert hall, the shining star insidethe Sydney Opera House.

it's neat looking aroundand seeing all the different special designs that makethis place so wonderful for listening to musicand seeing performances.

I've always admired the beautyof the Sydney Opera House, but now, having goneinside, and learned about the history and the design of this place, I have so much more appreciation for this Sydney masterpiece.

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