Sydney Beaches, Bondi Beach Vlog✔Backpacking Australia#64 German+English Subtitles

So, hello 🙂 we're here with our friend Jonathan Jonathan say hello 🙂 Do you have a nice saying for today or something? for today a saying? we're going to the Hyde Park Festival in Sydney not sure what we're gonna find out let's find out in a minute we're going to the Hyde Park to a festival like he said we have a look what's going on there our last 2 days in Sydney a lot of people here everywhere yeah a festival everywhere are the people chilling So we go to the house of mirrors today the mirror house we will see how it is that's a mirror is there a mirror? there's a mirror not here Good morning from Sydney we're on the way to the central station and we met our friends we didn't see for a long time Gian Luca and Arianna So, we're at the airport on the way to Bali if you liked the video then please click the subscribe button subscribe if you want to know how our worldtravels keep going and you are updated 🙂 you get all the updates and all hints and so on we share all our experiences with you just click subscribe like the video if you liked it otherwise we'll see you soon in Bali bye we're relaxing now a little before we're going in the plane unfortunatly we had only one 2 dollar coin so only Andre can do it is it good? oh yes better then expected I can't.

we can change money then I get a massage in the evening let's see.

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