Super Drew Kangaroo VS The Mutant Monster in Australia | A Stupendous Drew Pendous Superhero Story

NARRATOR: It’s time for a brand new adventure with the Stupendous Drew Pendous and his Mighty Pen Ultimate! In today's episode, Drew battles the monster and saves the Koala bears! Thanks Drew! It was just a typical, totally normal day at Cool School.

Drew and Nikki were in the computer lab, hard at work! Okay, maybe not so hard at work.

Hey, it’s my Amy, my penpal from Australia! Cool! Hey Amy! What's up? Drew! It’s an emergency! All the koalas are disappearing! Oh no! I love koalas! They’re so cute! Think the koala bears are just hibernating? Koalas aren’t actually bears! They’re marsupials, and they don’t hibernate.

Exactly! Drew, I think someone or someTHING is taking them! Maybe it’s a dingo! I think it’s something.


Can you help? I’m on my way! Hold on, koalas! Super Drew is comin’ to the rescue! With his best friend, Nikki? Yes, along with my best friend Nikki! Australia’s all the way on the other side of the world! How are we gonna get there? With my ginormous rocket laser boots, we’ll be there in seconds! Let’s go! Whoa, it’s nighttime here! Because Australia is on the other side of the earth from us, they have day when we have night.

It’s all about the rotation of the earth, and— That’s interesting, but WE HAVE TO SAVE THE KOALAS! Oh, right! Hey guys! Hey Amy! I hope our rocket laser shoes weren’t too loud! Nope! Let’s go to the forest.

There are still some koalas in the eucalyptus trees, so we might catch our culprit! Wait! Let’s switch out the rocket laser boots for kangaroo legs! Awesome! What about a kangaroo’s super strong boxing arms? What?.

Kangaroos have TINY arms, like a T REX! Drew.

Let me show you a pic of an alpha kangaroo.

DREW: Ah! Alpha kangaroos look so tough! Yeah! I better draw some kangaroo arms, too.

And a pouch! Boy kangaroos don’t have pouches.

This one does! I need a place to put my Pen Ultimate! NARRATOR: Drew, Nikki, and Amy jumped and hopped like kangaroos all the way to the eucalyptus forest!v I see a koala! Cool! [growling] Wait, what's that sound? [more growling] I think that’s a platypus.

[stomping] Um, is it a GIANT platypus? [stoming continues] ALL: Ah!!! NARRATOR: Whoa, kids! A mutant animal that’s part platypus a little bit crocodile, half ostrich, a quarter frog, and 75% dingo! What is THAT?? I think it’s a bunyip! A WHAT? Bunyips are mythical monsters said to live in the waters of Australia, but they’re just pretend!! Um, pretty sure this guy is real.

[growls] Back off, you bunyip bully! How 'bout THIS?! NARRATOR: The bunyip blocked Drew’s punch with his flipper! Okay, how about my mighty KANGAROO KICKS?! NARRATOR: Then he blocked Drew’s kick with his ostrich wing! You got me again, bunyip, but this time you’re going down! You’re useless against my pouch of UNLIMITED JOEYS!!! NIKKI: Awww, baby kangaroos! AMY: They’re so cute! NARRATOR: And they’re pretty good at boxing! Whoa! Baby joeys to the rescue! But.

What happened? It’s like the bunyip ran out of batteries or something! The gang got closer to investigate, but— STOP! Don’t touch it! Who are you?? I'm Indra Neer.

I built and programmed this robot.

This is a robot?? Wow! Are you an EVIL MASTERMIND?? Well, not really EVIL.

I just really love koalas! All of them! I want.

all of them!! But I didn't want to get caught, so I built this bunyip robot to do all the dirty work.

It's really bad to steal animals from their habitats, though.

Yeah! You can’t take things that aren’t yours– That's stealing! But how does this thing work?? It’s programmed to recognize cuteness.

Hey, a lot of people think I’m cute.

Why didn’t that stop it? INDRA: Maybe the kangaroo arms.

Yeah, these are too TOUGH to be cute! So, what ARE you anyway? Me? Oh, I’m a superhero.

I came to save the koalas.

No big deal.

You do know you’re going to have to release all the animals you took back into the wild.

I know, I know… I took a few wombats and wallabies, too.

Will you guys help me? Aw, cute! I mean, yeah, we’ll help.

NARRATOR: So the whole gang worked the rest of the night, letting all of the animals out and back into the wild.

And Indra realized: it's not good to mess with animals in their habitat.

Not matter how cute they are! And Nikki, Drew, and Amy made a new friend-slash-NOT ACTUALLY EVIL-science genius mastermind! It was a happy ending! Moral of the story, kids: don’t program your robots to steal koalas.

Even if they are really super cute and adorable! And never make fun of a kangaroo’s little arms! Big shout-out to Sofia Amber for suggesting a kangaroo! Liu said I should make ginormous rocket laser shoes! Actually a TON of you wanted rocket shoes! Great idea, guys! And a whole bunch of you let us know you’re from Australia, hi! Hope you liked our Aussie adventure! Don't forget to subscribe, and hit "like"! See you next time!.

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