Sunshine Yellow Grafted Finger Lime Fruit Tree in Australia

These beautiful finger shaped fruit are theSunshine Yellow Finger lime and as you can see they are appropriately named for theirbeautiful colour and you know when your finger limes are ready.

They will fall off the treeyou can easily just knock them off with a stick which is the best way of picking themand then when you cut them open the fruits kind of bubble out so you can see that thosebeautiful vesicles are all coming out of the skin really easily and they're really lovelybeautiful fruit eaten fresh so they're not as sour as a Lemon or a lime but they're alsogreat for adding to salads or sweets.

I absolutely adore adding them to salad dressings becausethe vesicles stay whole and they look really, really beautiful when you make a oil vinaigrettedressing and just add some of these vesicles into it so it's a really versatile fruit in the kitchen andthey look great and it's definitely one of our most beautiful favourite bushfoods.

That'sthe Sunshine Yellow Finger Lime.

They're very, very thorny so you can see that they justare covered in quite sharp vines.

Very dense.

Little birds love them and always have redbrowed finches nesting in my finger lime and they love the security of the thorny bushso they are easy to maintain.

We graft them onto Trifoliata so you just grow them as youwould any other citrus.

Plant them in full Sun, make sure they have perfect drainage,Fertilise them in the growing season and they will reward you with an abundance of fruitin the Autumn.

They are fabulous.

Source: Youtube