Stoned Americans Eat Australian Snacks

– Oh, my God, we figured it out.

– [Man] Oh.

– They're meant to be.

– [Man] We figured youout, Australian snacks.

(rock music) – On a level one to 10, I'd say I'm probably like an eight.

– Yeah, I was gonna say like a six, seven.

– I'm like a nine, maybe.

– Maybe I'm a nine, also.

– What, what's the question? – [Man In Hat] Think I know what this is.

– I thought it was Nutella,but now I know that– – This is Vegemite.

– I've never heard anyone speakpositively about this food.

– I can't.

– Oh my God, what is it?- [Man] I won't.

– There's a lot happening.

– Oh, wow.

– It's really salty, which I love.

– I imagine that eventuallyyou stop making this facial expression while eating it.

– [Red Haired Man] So, isthis for when you're sick? Or is this just like a normal candy.

– It's like a spa for your mouth.

– This is the best thingI've ever put in my mouth.

– What am I tasting? – This is relaxing.

– It's like a palette cleanser.

– This is not a stoner food– – Yeah.

– [Woman] for me.

– Tim Tams! These are all so great.

– A brand new culinary experience for me.

– Ah, so like they melt in your hand.

– Can I have another one? – Yeah, it's good.

– These are like the GirlScout cookies of Australia.

– I'm super into these.

Whatever hype that you have heard, I'm sure this is living up to that.

– It lives up to it.

– [Man In Hat] Cause- – I see myself sitting down and like, I'm gonna have one– – Yeah.

– [Man] And then– – [Woman] And then you have the whole box.

– Fucking monster.

– [Woman In Striped Shirt] Ooo, Cheezels.

– [Man In Pink Shirt] Cheezels? – Fingerlicious fun.

– [Man] Okay.

– I am pro-Cheezels.

– [Man] Okay, Cheezels.

– They're meant to go on your finger like that, look at that.

– Are they? – I think I'm in love with Cheezels.

– I'd move in with Cheezels.

– I can see myself takingCheezels home to meet my parents.

– This is a good stoner food.

– You know what I wanna say to Cheezels? – No.

Oh, my God!- [Man] I do.

– [Man] I do, Cheezels.

– All right, Milo, let's give it a try.

And, hopefully, we'll be running like this girl playing soccer.

– And, it's like Nesquik, kind of.

– Some people eat it dry.

– I feel like I'll forget how to swallow.

– We have this right here, so you forget.

– Doesn't taste as bad as it smells.

– Oh, that is nice.

– Yeah right.

I think it's tricking methat it's good for me.

– My kid would look at this and cry.

– Caramello Koala.

Koalas are a big deal, huh? They're vicious, I hear.

– Look at this guy.

– Stop.

– I'm sad that it's so cute, cause, like, there is a little bit of me that is not enjoying bitingthe heads off of things.

– Okay.

– This is an Easter candy.

– It's like a Hersey's chocolate bar.

The caramel from like Twix.

– These are really sweet.

– 10 out of 10 wouldmunch on Koalas again.

– [Man In Glasses] Twisties,that's a cute name.

– All this shit tastes way more natural than the food that we eat,though, I will say that.

– Yeah, absolutely.

– I mean, they're really good, but.

– Like a Bugle if anybody's ever had– – Ooo, it does taste like a Bugle.

– I see myself eating these,like, in my parents' basement.

– I get you, Twisties,I'm on board with Twisties.

– Australians can't get stoned? – It's illegal? You guys are a country thatstarted from criminals.

– I liked, probably 75%, 65% of them.

– I think this is great stoner food – Tim Tams! (laughing) Boing.

This is data for a file picture.

And here's what he looks like when you meet him in real life.

Ah, oh.

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