So for the past five or even 10 years growing number of people who left their poorly paid jobs in Eastern Europe to work in a better place Part went to the west, part of the north.

Part went.


far east.

Honestly I do not think anyone did so.

But there are people there are people brave enough who undertook a long journey the Hermitage.


(Eremerang, dim.


) No, wait, something I disagree here.

Oh, yes.


Otherwise known as the only place where you can get lost, just because I could not stop laughing because of a traffic sign which wrote.

Well, I ask you.

(titty – tit, bong – bong / water pipe, usually used for smoking marijuana.

) So okay, we all went there they got a well-paid job but after a while all still they returned.

And for a long time I did not understand why this is happening but after a long conversation with my Australian friend William Blake and I realized that this is not ENGLISH! This is a pizdec * *! But then I realized that that's the problem.

We all went there, and then returned.

You simply did not understand the language.

(Meant tough Australian dialect) BUT THERE IS NO PROBLEM HERE Boris is here for this, to help.

Specialist languages ​​and generally a good guy.

Comrade Boris to take care of it.

So sit back, to just relax, and get ready to speak Australian clothes.

[HardBass CHEEKI BREEKI INTRO] Welcome to Australia, where everything wants to kill you, and Bogani (Aust.

Tracksuits) want your money.

Probably once to ask: Boris, what to blyat? "Bogani"? You see, because it's so Bogani gopniki (Ruskie Tracksuits) Australia Do not crouch down Slavonic, but they have the ability to do absolutely nothing productive for days, weeks and months and they live on socjalu.

Let's move on.

So, let's say that you are the Slavs from Eastern Europe, Moving to Australia, do you think you know them all these sayings.

All these "G'day" (Good Morning) and "Shrimps on the Barbie" (shrimp on the grill).

But one day you walk into the bar He walks up to you drunk guy and says: I had an argument with his girlfriend / wife, and now disappeared.

It is true.

It is better that that of Bazza with those damn flip-flops had nothing to do with.

And before you can say "What the blyat" He wound up on, speaking of the "drinking with flies" I must kangaroos on the loose in the paddock And at this point you realize you made a mistake, assuming that in Australia speak English.

You go home and try to forget everything that was said there by seven bottles of vodka.

But I say no! Do not come back yet.

Buy some of the XXXX Gold (beer) that we all drink.

Or ten.

I say these words: "True, homie.

Forget about the Jillaroo, and Let 's get a sandwich with sausage at the nearest pub.

and BOOM, you have a friend for life, pancake.

Put on your sweats or.

trackies, and you're ready.

Let me explain.

Snag a sausage, Misso is the missus (the girl) blue is a quarrel, Bazza is Barry bastard, (more a synonym for a complete dick, but comes from the name Barry) Thongs are flip (flip-flops) A oath is the Australian word multitool (meaning the oath in the original sense) The most commonly used by boganów and farmers but it can replace a lot of words.


G: "Yes" or it may be an exclamation point as in the first embodiment Very good.

Let's move on.

Strewth word.

St- Strewth.

Strew- Blyat.

This word is used exactly like the "oath" but it was mainly used by people living in the 60 ' Gone walkabout = lost Snag sanger it.




Sandwich with sausage.

Jilleroo is simply a helper on the farm (usually young, learning to manage the farm) Drink with flies that is to drink alone A boozer is a pub / bar.

Now that you know the basics speak ,, Australian clothes '' You should now have less trouble with the wording of the native.

This means that it is a good time to visit the country.

And what is better from the start of your adventure, from the start it from the entrance to Mount Dick (Mount dildo) or visit "The six mile knob" ( "ten kilometer Fujara '') or jeziero Tekapo more like it.

Blin, they even have a town named in honor of my financial situation (Broke – broke, penniless) They Ozeno.



(Ozenkadnook, dim.

O-zen-kad-nuk) I mean.

they have Ozendakugnetoka.

otherwise known as the place that has been called before the pronunciation of his name was invented.

Together with.


(Yackandandah, dim.

Jakand-anda) I swear, these people are inventing these names They gave up after that.

Well, after.

Come on, "Table Top"? (Table top.

It may also mean the board game (the game).

) Why even try.

But I must say that they are Mount surprise (up surprise).

I poowong (poo – heap, wong – no meaning in English, but it is "fun".


And of course the good old.

I'd rather not pronounce.

But if you fancy a lonely ride in a car, Search Uranus Jerking Creek (ie.

Stream pounding on Uranus) in his GPS'ie.

So I hope that will help you in better establishing contacts with the natives.

And maybe next time you go to work in Australia, uchlejesz with their koleżkami and drink beer (butter butter, but he really just said.

) instead of returning after a month.

So, thank you for watching my friends, this special presentation, made for you by Boris king skewers with a few of my Australian friends.

Since yesterday It was the day Australia.

But for now, stay CHEEKI BREEKI, my friends.

See you next time.

He explained J.

Świstowicz [I would not say that it is a source of pride.

More than half was littered with errors logical (Bong – "something out of prison?" Tabletop – dot? Really?).

Sometimes there were amateurish spelling mistakes.

Language borrowings were translated.

Boris often curses the Rusko.

In this lies the joke.

It was so sad that I had a "little bit" ponaprawiać.

And, you do not need to add information about the translator and the inscriptions.

You can see who explained in the description.

– Levitha.


Source: Youtube