South Australian borders

Today South Australia's land borders are definedto the west by the 129° east longitude with Western Australia, to the north by the 26thparallel south latitude with the Northern Territory and Queensland and to the east by141° east longitude with Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria; however, this isnot where all borders are actually marked on the ground.

The South Australian boundaries are sharedwith the West Australian border, the Northern Territory border, the Queensland borders.

The New South Wales border and the Victorian borderthat is, all states and territoriesexcept for the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

In 1788, Governor Phillip claimed the continentof Australia only as far west as the 135th meridian east longitude in accordance withhis commission.

The line of 129° east first became a borderin Australia as the western border of New South Wales in 1825.

On 16 July 1825, the western boundary of NewSouth Wales was relocated at 129° east to take in the new settlement at Melville Island.

From 1825 to 1829 129° east was the NSW border.

Following the settlement of the Swan RiverColony in 1829, the eastern boundary was declared to be 129° east, that is coinciding withthe western boundary of New South Wales at the time.

The colony of Western Australia was commissionedin March 1831.

From 1829 to 1832 129° east was the SRC/NSWborder.

The name of the Swan River Colony changedto Western Australia in 1832.

From 1832 to 1846 129° east was the WA/NSWborder.

South Australia became a colony in 1836 anduntil 1846 would be surrounded on land by New South Wales, with South Australia extendingwest to the 132° east longitude.

and north to 26° south.

From 1836 to 1846 129° east was the WA/NSWborder.

132° east was the SA/NSW border as were 26° south and 141° east.

In 1846 the colony of North Australia wasproclaimed by Letters Patent, which was all of New South Wales north of 26° south.

From 1846 to 1847 129° east was the WA/NSWborder and the WA/NA border.

132° east was the SA/NSW border, while 26° south becamethe SA/NA border and 141° east remained the SA/NSW border.

In 1847 the colony of North Australia wasrevoked and reincorporated into New South Wales.

, so South Australia was once againsurrounded by New South Wales on all land borders.

From 1847 to 1860 129° east was once againthe WA/NSW border.

From 1847 132° east was again the SA/NSWborder, and 26° south was also the SA/NSW border.

141° east would remain the SA/NSWborder until 1851.

In 1851 South Australia's eastern border changedagain when the colony of Victoria was proclaimed.

From 1851 141° east would change to includeboth the SA/NSW border and the SA/VIC border.

In 1859 The colony of Queensland is proclaimedby Letters Patent, with its western border set at 141° east.

From 1859 141° east would change to includethe SA/QLD border, the SA/NSW border and the SA/VIC border.

In 1860 the western border of South Australiachanged from 132° east to 129° east.

From this time on South Australia's westernborder was also the West Australian border.

From 1860 129° east became the SA/WA borderfrom south of 26° south & the WA/NSW border north of 26° south.

In 1862 Queensland's western border northof 26° south was moved to 139° east.

From 1862 26° south became shared as theSA/NSW border and the SA/QLD border between 139° east and 141° east.

In 1863 that part of New South Wales to thenorth of South Australia was annexed to South Australia by Letters Patent as the NorthernTerritory of South Australia, which was shortened to the Northern Territory.

From 1863 to 1911 129° east was the WA/NToSAborder north of 26° south & the WA/SA border south of 26° south.

26° south became theSA/NToSA border.

In 1911 the Northern Territory was split offfrom South Australia to be administered by the Commonwealth.

From 1911 to 1927 129° east was the WA/NTborder north of 26° south & the WA/SA border to the south.

26° south became the SA/NTborder.

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