South Australia Could Add Possum, Donkey and Camel to Menus

How would you like to try some medium-rare possum meat? How about donkey or camel or wild horse? If you live in South Australia, you might soon be able to order these animals just like you would a steak.

The South Australian government has proposed changing the definition of "game meat" to broaden the kinds of wild animals that can be sold for human consumption.

If the plan goes through, it would allow butchers to sell everything mentioned above along with buffalo, deer and pig.

Right now in the state, people are already able to eat wild goat, rabbit, hare, wallaby, kangaroo and any bird hunted legally.

If the changes are adopted, they would take effect with a new round of food-regulation updates in September 2017 Australia's Animal Justice Party has voiced its disapproval of the proposed change.

South Australia would be the second jurisdiction to allow the sale of horse meat after Western Australia, which broadened its food regulations in 2009.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Molly Riehl.

Source: Youtube