David's picking us up,where are we meeting him? >> Probably baggage claim from what he said <sonorous sound of didgeridoo> [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND]Have you guys called him? Where is he? [MUSIC] >> Where are we? What year is it? What is the nature of existence? Gregorys! >> Teach us your ways.

[MUSIC] Australia, land of intrigue, adventure, and home to the didgeridoo, The world's oldestmusical instrument.

David Hudson isit's modern master.

The Gregory Brothers havecome to be his pupils and learn the ways of this ancienttradition if they can survive the perils of the outback.

>> The most gruesome wayto die in Australia? Crocodiles, snakes,jellyfish, scorpions.

We got centipedes andwe got spiders.

[MUSIC] >> An authentic didgeridoo ismade from a naturally eaten out wood by termites,they do all the labor.

>> It's gotta bethe only instrument that's made withan inter-species collaboration.

Termites and humans, buddies.

>> [LAUGH] >> To be together.

>> Tomorrow,my aim is to get out there and find a didgeridoo tree.

So we cut one and make it- make a didgeridoo>> Wow.

>> I mean, if we got five of us.

I don't see why we don'texperiment with trying different pitches.

>> Mm-hm.

>> Now I must also just let you know here that traditionally->> Yeah.

>> Women don't play the didgeridoo.

>> I did read that.

What do you think about that? >> Well, that's the way it is,that's culture.

So you got men's business andyou got women's business.

>> All right.

>> The didgeridoois men's business.

>> Okay.

>> However, you still sing and you play guitar andthere's still ample room, there to play tap sticks andso forth.

>> So if we wanted tocook a didgeridoo though, I could go into the kitchen anddo that.

You wanna cook a didgeridoo? a cookeriroo? A cookeridoo? You could wash our didgeridoos.

Okay, great.

>> Without Sarah's estrogenwatering down their macho quest.

Andrew, Evan and Michael can really get down to men's business.

>> You guys have any sunscreen? >> Yeah, I brought that sprayon though, I don't like when my hands get greasy.

>> This is the right environmentfor didgeridoos, always gotta look out because this is snakecountry, snakes and scorpions.

>> And while the men are outin the bush, just being men, Sarah is busy making acomfortable home for her family.

[MUSIC] Check that one out Just.


Naw No, see it's got a solid sound? >> Yep.

>> Wait, hold on.

You would call thatone a didgeridON'T! [MUSIC] Try this one.

>> Is that the hollow sound? >> I think we'regetting pretty close.

>> I know you think this is abad way to start the day tree, but don't worry.

You're going to finishit up as a didgeridoo.

>> [LAUGH] [MUSIC] David, I'm a little nervous, I think Evan cut mydidgeridoo too short.

>> Now it's called a midgeridoo [LAUGH].

[MUSIC] >> Oh yeah! >> Termites naturally eat the inside out <resonant digderidoo> >> Wow! >> We're getting there >> Alright! [SOUND].

[DIDGE] >> That's the real McCoy.

>> The suction onmy hand is amazing.

>> Is it? >> You can feel it pulling thepalm of my hand into this hole.

>> Just pulled my arm! [MUSIC] >> I'm trying to imaginethe first guy that ever came upon a hollowed tree >> I know.

>> And blew in it.

>> It's just like the firstguy who invented soap.

Who was like hey, let's take thistoxic chemical, roll it up let it sit a while andthen rub it all over our bodies.

[MUSIC] >> That's good.

>> Sarah is finally finishedbuilding a pick up truck from scratch But the guys are alreadyonto the ultimate man task of selecting paint colors >> Already got my colors.

I'm so really prepared,you know? >> Yeah.

>> This is more your black clays.

Add a bit of water to that.

>> Butyou could just find these out in the creek bed or something? >> Yeah, yeah.

>> Wow.

[RUBBING SOUND] >> This one look, it's white,but it's actually yellow.

This is how it wouldbe done in the bush.

We wouldn't have a brush brush.

>> Clump of grass.

>> The yellow represents thesun, brown represents the Earth.

>> Yeah?>> White represents the air we breathe Red representsthe blood that was shed.

>> If we get pulledgoing through customs with these didgeridoos, it's going to be pretty hardto say they aren't ours.

They're fingerprinted.

>> [LAUGH] >> Can we kind ofgive this one a shot? Now that I think it'sabout half done.

>> Let's do it.

>> So I just [BUZZING LIPS]kind of like a trombone.

>> You're going to do trombone,raspberry.

[LIPS FLAPPING] >> No,you got it too hard, mate.

[SOUND] Too hard.

Put a bit of waterthrough there.

[SOUND] >> You're getting closer.

[SOUND] >> Feel a littlebit light-headed? [SOUND] >> Which I think meansI'm doing it right.

[LAUGH]>> That's good, because->> Right, if I faint, that means I'm making progress,right? >> Yeah.

[SOUND] >> Go[SINGING], it's a two yapped dingo.

[SOUND] >> No.

>> You want to give it a shot, Michael? >> [SOUND] Now go.

[SOUND] >> Together.

[SOUND] >> Okay.

>> Close? [SOUND] >> So that's the dingo.

>> Yeah, that's a sick one.

>> I'm a sick dingo.

>> An injured dingo.

>> [LAUGH] [SOUND] >> Too hard.

[SOUND] >> This is awkward.

>> Now you gone too hard, mate.

>> The guys are now the proudowners of their own authentic didgeridoos, but they just can't play them.

[SOUND] >> Orshould I say didgeridoo-it.

>> That's another pun,I'm counting it.

>> The next time they're ina drum circle with an American college student named Chad, they'll be found outas didgeridilettantes.

[REALITY TV MUSIC WITH THOSE DUMB GUITARS] >> Life in Australiahas been idyllic for American couple Evan and Sarah.

Now they're lookingto put down roots and raise their one-year-olddaughter Rose, but are having trouble agreeingon exactly what they want.

Sarah loved the comfort and modern amenities of the hotel,but was hoping for a higher incidence ofsunburn and wildfires.

And it didn't have the outdoortoilet that Evan wanted.

So their agent Kane istaking them to a studio home located in the heart ofthe Australian outback.

>> All righty folks, here weare at our next property.

>> It's what we call a fixer upper.

>> Always wanteda country place.

We've been talking about it foryears.

>> This is great.

>> Is it structurally sound? >> Is this all original? >> Yeah, all original.

And you've got a fantasticone piece living area, that includes your bedroom,your kitchen, pantry and also your storage areas.

And a nice little seating areafor any guests that you'd like to entertain anda little kitchenette.

It might seem quite simple butit'll definitely cook up many, many feasts of any animals thattry to intrude on your company.

>> So this entirehome comes furnished.

>> As is.

>> Just think about how muchwe would save on moving costs.

>> That's one way to look at it.

>> Yeah, got a single bed.

>> We only need one bed.

>> Yeah, there you go.

See, it's fantastic.

>> And just a short 20 meterwalk away is the outdoor toilet that Evan was looking for.

>> How is it, honey? >> It's incredible, there's a hole in the groundyou can poop and pee pee in it.

>> So let's see the next one.

>> Evan and Sarah both love thisrustic bungalow, but they're not ready to make an offer untilthey see some other options.

[MUSIC] >> Unaccustomed to failure, Michael stomps off infrustration, searching for some creature comfortsto ameliorate his mood.

>> Come back.


The fur looks so soft.

[MUSIC] Dammit! Oh, it's two of them.


[MUSIC] It's a tiny baby, I just want tohold him and love him and keep him safe.

Wait, come back, nuzzle me.

Make me feel the friendshipthat only animals can provide.

>> Next on Evan and Sarah'slist is a loft style home located in a spaciousvolcanic cavern.

>> Plenty of space,kids could run around.

You do get an occasionallittle bit of dampness.

Only about two andhalf meters of water.

>> It's got a lot offeatures on our list.

We were looking forsomething with an open plan.

You can see right through,entertain some guests.

>> Snakes are an issue.

But, they're happy, you're happy.

They come in justlike people visiting, you know? >> It's earthy butkind of modern still.

>> So my gut is, it's a yes.

>> It might be a yes, but the asking price isout of their budget.

Can Sarah and Evan sweeten thepot by offering the seller their first-born child? The seller is a cave troll.

[MUSIC] >> After failing to flap theirlips correctly on their new instruments andthen trying again and also failing whendidger-RE-doing it.

The Gregory brothers take a muchneeded break by returning to the comforts of the music oftheir native home, America.

[MUSIC] >> The Outback is mighty pretty but I wanna go home You wanna take her there? [MUSIC] >> What a fire.

>> It's protectingus from mosquitos, like a kangaroo momprotects its baby.

Hey, I was wondering if you could give meadvice on something.

There's this girl->> Yeah? >> I really like.

She likes me at least a moderateamount, I'm not sure how much.

I want to take us up from alevel four to about a level six.

>> Okay.

>> You have any advice? >> You play an instrument? >> I do, piano.

Pop off Chopin like nobody.

>> No, no, no, no, no.

You got it all wrong.

[SENSUAL BOOTY JAM] Some blokes try the piano Some blokes try the guitar But they're just kidding themselves those baby things won't get you far But the sound of a didgeridoo will make two bodies resonate You'll be moving around like kangaroos, kangaroos that wanna mate And you gonna go all night, night, night NIGHT When you're didgeridoin' it right, right, right, RIGHT [RESONANT DIDGERIDOO REVERBERATIONS] Didgeridoin' it right Stare into each others' eyes, experience transcendence Suddenly you understand the galaxy's existence Then in a flash you know just what stocks you should pick And exactly how to do all David Blaine's magic tricks Didgeridoin' it right, right, right, all night Didgeridoin' it right Think of it as a tool, you've got to use it well That's right Then you can put her absolutely underneath your spell Yeah, you got it When you become the master of your instrument you'll increase her pleasure by one hundred percent >> Wait, we're just singing about dicks, aren't we? >> No.

And you're gonna go all night, night, night, night When you're didgeridoin' it right, right, right, RIGHT! [SONOROUS DIDGE REVERBERATES] Didgeridoin' it right You'll hold each other close, until the break of day And realize all Shyamalan movies were great Suddenly string theory doesn't seem so complicated You forgive your high school bully, he musta had a tough situation Didgeridoin' it right, right, right all night Didgeridoin' it right When you master your didgeri-blaster >> This is definitelyabout wieners.

>> No, it's not.


You make her hit the rafters, faster and faster >> It doesn't reallymake sense though.

No one would want that.

>>Well I would want that.

>> I.

I want it.

>> That's two against one.

[MUSIC]>> Chad, none of these benefits are scientifically proven.

But hey girl, do you want toget into my control group? [SOUND] [RAD CHICKEN YODELING].

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