Sky News Australia first ever broadcast 1996

You're watching Sky News AustraliaGood evening and welcome to a new era in Australian television.

The first 24 hour news and current affairs channel.

From tonight, Sky News Australia begins a non-stop committment to news, offering youthe choice of when to catch the events of the day.

Along with hourly updates, we'll also feature a wide range of international programs fromAustralia and around the world.

But its our unique ability to report the newsthat makes us different, when and wherever it happens.

Stay with us as we explain a little bit more about Sky News Australia.

This is Sky News Australia.

Uniting the expansive resources of Australia'sNine and Seven Networks, Britain's Sky Broadcasting as well as America's ABC and CBS networks.

Sky News Australia is our nation's first 24 hour news service.

Leading the Sky News studio presentation team, respected Australian journalists Juanita Phillips,Katrina Lee and John Gatfield.

Sky News represents a landmark in televisionservice for Australia, as the first and only locally produced 24 hour news channel.

We operatewith a single driven purpose – to deliver directly into people's homes the most immediateand continuously comprehensive coverage of news events of the day and of the hour.

People will know they can get the latest news stories anytime on Sky News Australia.

We'll also have comprehensive sports results as part of our half hour bulletins.

On weekends, a roundup of all the day's sporting highlights, and with state of the art digitaltechnology, Sky News will give you up to date weather forecasts on conditions here and aroundthe world.

Screening between our half hour news bulletins,we'll premiere new internationally produced programs on the world affairs, local and overseas business and finance, entertainment, film, theatre, the arts and travel.

We'll also re-telecast popular Australian current affairs, public affairs, businessand news magazine programs, bringing you more analysis and face-to-face discussion withthe newsmakers of the day.

This is Sky News Australia.

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