Simple visa applications to Australia

Simple visa applications to AustraliaIf you think I'll be showing you the way to simple visa applications (partner visas andtourist visas), you may be initially disappointed.

But if you read on, you will see that I'mmerely being honest with you.

Australian visa applications are assessedin line with Australian migration law, and therefore not simpleat all.

Less of a walk in the park, and closer tothe Ministry of Silly Walks (to the Monty Python fans outthere).

If you want a positive result, I suggest stronglythat you get some help.

Are Australian visa applications simple? You know when you need to go to court, everyoneadvises you to get a lawyer.

The police tell you.

Thejudge will tell you.

The expression is "He who represents himselfhas a fool for a client.

" But what doesthe DIBP (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) website tell you? You don't need to use aRegistered Migration Agent, but you can if you like! Yes, indeed.

The DIPB website makes it look like an onlineshopping cart.

Go through and pick your visa,and decide how long the lady will stay in Australia for.

Prepare an application, slap it together andhope for the best.

Visas are grants.

Visas are not rights.

If you want to bring your wife, fianc�e,partner or girlfriend from Philippines to Australia you need to ensureyou have a properly prepared visa application lodged thatwill convince the DIBP that your Filipina lady has a very good reason to be in Australia.

The outcome formost people means a great deal, so you need to treat this very seriously.

Get some professional help! The truth about Australian partner visa grantsTake note of the figures below.

These are world figures for partner visas,ie.

not just for Philippines to Australia, courtesy of an article on the SBSwebsite about partner visa costs.

Lots of refusals, and lots of applicationswithdrawn.

Withdrawals happen when applicants have madeserious mistakes, such as false statements, omissions and bogus documents that will leadto refusals and three year bans, and choose to withdraw ratherthan let that happen.

This has increased as they've gottougher on what might be mistaken for innocent mistakes.

So it means you have between 1:4 and 1:5 chances of notgetting your visa granted.

I couldn't tell youhow many of the above applications were handled by Registered Migration Agents.

It doesn't take muchguesswork to realise that going it alone means your risk is going to be considerably higher.

The truth about Australian tourist visa grantsI don't have figures with me for the rest of the world.

I've had similar figures from Manila before,and refusal rates were even higher.

I would well imagine withdrawal rates wouldbe much the same.

The biggest issue with tourist visas is thateveryone assumes outright that they will be really easy.

Amere formality.

I regularly get inexperienced people sayingto me "Why does it cost so much to submit asimple application?" I say that if it were in fact just submittinga simple application, then I would agree with them.

Some assume it's just so simple they can infact come into our office and we'll submit it whilethey wait.

If you submit a simple application, you willget a simple response.

Normally a refusal.

A tourist visaapplication is more than just filling out a form and sending it in.

The application form and it'spreparation would be about 10% of the application only.

The supporting evidence and documentation,aka your "requirements", this is the meat of the application! This is the stuff that is necessary to showthem who you both are, and to convince them why the applicant is a safe risk to let intoAustralia.

So nothing is ever simple.

Get some professional help before you jointhe statistics.

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