SEEK Australia’s #1 jobsite for small business

Staff are crucial to the business for us soit's vital for us to recruit and recruit well and we spend a lot of time in doing it.

Beingin a business, or being in a small business you really have to be hands on where you haven'tgot massive resources like you do in larger companies.

My snapshot of my day is startvery early, finish very late.

I don't have a lot of time to be able to go out and interviewpeople, search for people.

I use SEEK so that I can let SEEK do my job for me.

I've hadresumes posted to me while I'm with customers and I can look at them anytime I like, it'sreal simple.

We'd recommend SEEK to any businesses.

Especially in small business for someone likeus who are time poor.

SEEK is so easy to use.

I can click a button, with a real small adjustmentwe've got our ad out and we will have applicants virtually within twenty four hours.

The accountmanagement system has really been helpful for us.

Certainly fast tracks the applicants.

We're able to store all the applicants in a central file.

It's like your own HR department.

I need someone that I can call on when I need them and that's what SEEK offers.

SEEK givesme great results.

Felicia, Nicola, Angela – they're really hard working girls.

I hopeyou get the good people, the good staff.

It's actually in some ways one of the worst partsof my job.

I'm in a position where I can't give jobs to really good applicants thatcome from it, and look there'll be people walking round behind me now who have comefrom a SEEK ad, so there's living proof of that.

On one occasion I've had to call customerservice and they were fantastic.

I spoke to a really lovely girl, and I have to know I'mnot talking to a computer at the other end of the phone, and it's someone that actuallycares and SEEK cared.

We're definitely expanding and SEEK will be a part of it whenever I needto recruit new people.

We need more people and SEEK certainly gives us the opportunityto get the right people in this business so they can all grow with us.

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