Securing Australia’s Water Resources

The world's most precious resource is its water.

While livelihoods may come from the land, it is water that enables life itself.

With a growing population, wehave a growing need for water, for people, agriculture,industry, and the environment.

Geoscience Australia understands theincreasing demands for this essential resource.

Of all the inhabited continents,Australia's surface is the driest.

For more than a century, we have tapped intoone of the world's largest groundwater systems.

Without sustainable management increasing pressures from above canmean decreasing pressures from below and this water source could literally disappear.

How do we secure Australia's water resources? Good management begins with good information.

By examining the locationand nature of our water systems we must understand how groundwatercycles beneath this dry continent and how this impacts its availability on the surface.

This is the work of Geoscience Australia.

It maps and models interconnected underground and surface water systems.

To understand the source andquality of potential water supplies.

It provides advice and information togovernment and other decision makers.

to ensure we make best use of our finite reserves.

Australia needs to carefully manage its water supply to allow industries to flourish in a dry landscape, to sustain growing communities, to secure water for all userswho rely on this precious resource.

Geoscience Australia Applying geoscience toAustralia's most important challenges.

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