Royal visit of Queen Elizabeth II at Wayville, South Australia

The Royal couple pass through a lane of 200 boys and girls, chosen to represent the state schools and private schools, of the metropolitan area.

With perfect timing, the first tableau is formed.

By the time the royal guests are seated, by the time they turn to face the oval, the pattern is complete.

And now begins the 'Wattle Dance ", a glimpse of the Australian bushland, presented by the younger girls, from primary schools.

(Music) The Aborigines awake and begin their search for food.

(Music) The wattle blossoms stir in the fresh morning breeze, and the whole bushland is awake.

"Girls and boys, I congratulate all of you who have taken part in this splendid demonstration this afternoon, and also those who have helped in organising it.

My husband and I will long remember your enthusiastic welcome.

And I wish to thank each of you for the way in which you have shown your loyalty.

To all who are here today, and to all your young brother's and sister's, throughout South Australia I send my good wishes for the future.

I am sure, that when you grow up, you will not forget, what you have shown at Wayville today.

That a great deal can be accomplished, when everyone works together, for a common purpose.

If you keep that in mind, you will, as men and women, become good citizens, and earn the gratitude of Australia.

May god bless you all.


Source: Youtube