Road Trippin Western Australia (La Vaga Goes Bush) – Part 1

I got a few weeks off work beforewe got back to La Vagabond for the relaunch Elayna really wanted to show everyone Western Australia need let us that he's kinda so she's 300 kilometers north of Pasco don't growwhich is the tiny quiet little crisis in town that I spent a lot of time enjoyingthe school holidays of the keep because I have a bit of family there another 60 case north of there is a townthat I grew up in Carrollton it's known for its southerly winds that Helen Hyear especially in the summer and because of this attractive many wind andcut service from around the world to visit it and we also have a few touristscome and check out the famous leaning tree that have literally grown wine down beautiful national parks and attractedmany surface for years and is always good fun to go hang out and watch thebig day the caravan park out back so you see yourself a video 000 get someone to go for a run you leftCadbury and headed towards denim or shocked by as it's cold along the way what's happening get through but went for spiro page there and that'swhere light it be if fish and ozonation yet this year stuck under a rock to be gone and Troy Pollard after the sunset.

Source: Youtube