Real Opportunities_ Australian Apprenticeships

This country's in need of apprentices,it's like a drought at the moment.

We need to make sure kids stay on and dotheir apprenticeships and finish them.

We need tradies, it's like you needan electrician, you need a plumber, you need chefs, you need carpenters,you need hairdressers.

Instead of just learning somethingat school and getting thrown in the deep end.

You get that chance to really beimmersed in your field and learning from the bottom to the top.

The benefits of my traineeship atthe Shire of Katanning were amazing.

I was able to earn moneywhile I was working and gain a huge amount of experience.

I really just turned 17 and at the start of next year,I'll be a fully qualified vet nurse.

It has been an awesome achievementfor myself and the TAFE and the school and everyone involved.

You goal and your visiongets a bit bigger.

You sort of get the idea of your owncompany at the end of the tunnel.

You got to go in there thinking,'This is the rest of my life.

' And if you think of it that way, you actually havea better respect for it.

Doing an apprenticeship is rewardingor beyond rewarding for anyone thinking about doing it.

If they're ready to commit,rewards at the end are overwhelming.

And everything I needed was in here.

You can learn from other peopleso I'd say, 'Look, everythingyou need is inside of you.

Just take the first stepand the rest will come.

' You can't take away what I was taughtin the first four years.

That's actually my soul,that's the good work ethic, the training, you have to do it.

I'll never forget those four yearsin my life.

Take an apprenticeship on and make sureyou finish your apprenticeship and actually end up with that credit that you are a specific trained person to help build a new Australia,the one that's coming.

Source: Youtube