R2E2 Mango Tree in Australia is great for cold climates Seedling vs Grafted

Now these great big Mangoes are the R2E2 mangoand they are one of the largest of the Mango Fruits.

They have this beautiful colouredfruit it's got a good flavour.

We grow these as a grafted plant and we also grow them asseedlings.

So if you have a seed grown mango tree some of them will be grown true to typebut some of them aren't going to be grown true to type so you are going to get someseedling variations as we say.

But they are a really fabulous tree it's quite a largetree give it plenty of space.

It's going to grow more than 6m so be prepared to have abig tree in your backyard.

But they are a lovely shady evergreen tree as well so a greattree to have in your backyard if you have the space.

That's a beautiful tree beautifulfruit.

The R2E2's are one of the best varieties to grow if you are in a marginal climate soif you live in South Australia or Victoria or south of Sydney and you want to try growinga Mango the R2E2 is one of the best choices to try.

It's a bit hardier than the others.

So although we can't promise you success if you're in a frost free location and you canprotect your tree for the first few years until it's about 3m tall or so you are goingto have a good chance of getting Mango fruits.

So you might find that you have good Seasonsand bad Seasons and that's pretty much Weather dependant.

So you haven't got a great dealof control on that it's just something you have to take with growing Mangoes.

But worthtrying if you want to try growing Mangoes in a difficult Mango growing climate.

So likeall Mangoes best suited to the Tropics and the Subtropics.

Give them a frost free location,good drainage, full Sun and you will be cropping Mangoes like this off a Seedling tree in about6 years and off a Grafted plant in about 3.

Source: Youtube