Python Chomps Down on Wallaby in Northern Australia

Another day, another terrifying animal encounter in- you guessed it- Australia.

Take a look at these images of a python chowing down on a wallaby.

Bernie Worsfold in Kuranda, Queensland spotted the grisly scene in the middle of a horse pasture on his property.

7 News shared photos and videos taken by Worsfold that show the nearly 10-foot-long scrub python slowly consuming the marsupial head first.

Worsfold said it took about three hours for the snake to eat the wallaby whole.

He said he would go back every hour to check on the progress.

The man said the Wallaby's joey was in its pouch when the snake attacked.

Pythons are known to eat birds, frogs, small reptiles and occasionally larger animals like wallabies.

Another scrub python made headlines last month when it was spotted chomping on a smaller wallaby in the middle of a golf course in Cairns.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Cambrie Caldwell.

Source: Youtube