Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2016 Joint Australian History Winner Sam Lipski AM

I think entering the Prime Minister’s awardis important because it gives, if you’re lucky enough to be shortlisted, it gives youexposure.

Obviously our publishers would like to think they can sell a few more books andindeed so so do I and my co-author but I think what it does is it puts writers out thereto feel that, that the pain is worth it.

It’s not all pain, there’s joy in bringingthe book to its fruition but I think that it is important that there is recognitionbeyond the writer’s circles, that the Prime Minister puts his imprimatur on how much weshould value the writers and I think categories like history in particular when we’re tellingAustralian history even if I say so myself I think they’re special, that there is acategory of Australian History I think is enormously important.

Source: Youtube