Overwatch – Australian Adventure

Australian Adventure *sounds disappointed* Aiden I hope you wake up in bed With a koala next to you and you and you find out you have chlamydia.

alright there we go *funny joke* XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD You think there's a problem with me cunt No!! I see what your doing.

Fuck off! you're welcome internet.

I've killed the cancer I'm just reading my geiger counter.

It's going off as a funny moment I'm definitely puttin' that in the video,that's a funny moment right there guys *lol its not* You've even got a fuckin' golden hammer aswell Jesus Christ why are you so fucking white? are you a fucking poster boy for the KKK? Yo I'm just gonna fuckin' leave if you're gonna be this rude Like we haven't even started the match and you're already being a fuckin' rude cunt Tyrodin:How was that-you fuckin Pyro:I'm done with you You fuckin' judgin' me with your shiny ass golden hammer *ya you did* Shut the fuck up In Blizzard's defense They've gotta take something away from you Because they can't take your white privilege *wut?* Hey whats up guys it's Scarce here We got a youtuber Who plays as Reinhardt and said white po- you know koalas got chlimidity ch – chl chlamydia What? no they don't Pretty sure – I'm pretty sure you just made that up on the spot No You don't try and back up your story you just say no OK Are you actually serious now You've gone from fucking white power kkk To fucking Southern pride The fuck are you insinuating This is – This is – This is true beauty cunt How fucking dare you Fucking confederate motherfucker I'm getting Anita sarkesian on your ass She won't be – no no i'm getting Laci Green Fucking hell *no no* Your life is over friend i want you think anybody max about koalas chlamydia is the common traits amongst most healthy koalas no it's not i just did a bear research and after the video and i found out that there is actually an outbreak of Chlamydia with koalas in New Zealand congratulations i didn't you correct please die could you please launch yourself you fucker I just don't want to see you flying over the hook i'm although we've got one mate you can do it smell she get the without that was bad i say can you see cairo I just know you is that guy from libraries videos soil brat there's an al wins I brat soil solver chest and when i can announce that I Brad's this all this time you actually serious yes you fucks there's an L there's an owl do you can obviously those Royster would say hold yourself am i right haha kill me to get my coffin I that is that what the fuck is your team doing lunch it is not i had no chance it literally five against one sure follow even know what is your fault if you ever see those fucking fights about koalas with chlamydia then we would have been able to close your trail you and win the round fucking prove to me that they don't have any idea I don't give a fuck whether they have chlamydia Donald trump gets elected right?,the world has changed,people writing in the streets ,little aiden just sitting home and Victoria Austrailia reading facts about koala`s with climedea would you picture your perfect night when it starts with essential reading of koalas have chlamydia I'm now in the game is on the opposite fucking team are you on my balls oh yeah he's done die you fucking we can call me a fucking my way back to the leaf village Rollins you're offended asia and leaf in one sense how the fuck did you do that it's amazing like a challenge for that more one line is we need them this is a funny moments my cocks and I want you now as punishment I want you to do the intro the quadcopters when he goes you know like Pablo doing no that was passionate and I was passing a kidney stone the fuckers that I just don't like pain oh my god wait you're not nice osa knots comic-con biology bitch that's not nice may is asian that's some your whites muggins now you let me fucking down son well I'm fucking crying all right he's getting very fucking angry of about take a fucking belt off that he's like I don't know dad you don't do that look I can win the game right daddy showed up hayden shut the fuck up right now but your little baby you're not helping the situation piss off aiden fucking help Aaden don't do this don't count con I will have your now oh there we go nice name Oh are not finding a fuck oh yes all you wonderful are like going up against and I rely only that he's fucking victorian they're not real stallions made your the Tasmanian we're taking you gotta be fucking West Australian ya fuckin on the superior here I'm not like fucking fourth-generation convict I'm just saying goes that you're technically the uber mention that scenario out here did you just call him Superman why would you do this no he's never fucking dick the size our baby it growing fucking are getting ready I'm getting my waiters are again that youtuber ego i feel it growing that Aidan fuck right off seriously they are we right along nice and tight I thought that it had no no as a better is making I think we're like going up often we're like right now like yeah this time eventually won this oh Jesus thank God no fuck off with the kids the fuck out of here Winston tell me your monkey fuck yes there are racism against monkey people and then you always somehow managed to shit on everyone else's achievements it's amazing like shit Sean already thought you had it was so happy and just like not fucking racist not allowed to be happy face it may scares the shower makers she's all like proper like this world is worth fighting for or she puts an icicle in the girls fucking skull i just realized there are 99 percent we cannot let them take this again Isis and if we do it's a hundred percent oils for my right Aidan I'm i don't i don't agree with that honestly fuck me I've died no naughty you say naughty for dying here looking for the party boy haha what's that Shawn you died in a video okay i died in pretty good morning noisy you can't go out back now the fucking koalas with chlamydia I'm sorry shit cheese again the delayed we are looking at Reinhart coming mate i'm writing the pocket dial sweat account if we fuckin lose this for closets for what the fucking soup i do do not let your metro be the reason they want please play some so why did he even yeah but yeah but it was kicking our ass you can't fucking complain speed and I walking cooking up ya wanna came go no he'll I'm helping we did that do we do it Oh boys and souls was really fucking good congrats ok because the answer of Germany don't ya tonight let's sing here looking around like everyone fucks up this room so much during the warm-up just feel bad for the Mexican cleaner you know i have done this again on no not that many other reasons why have to clean now no no no we have to please people do not live on plane no let's do this also mattress while what did you say did you say let's do this you are you referencing about a quibble copper LBI about it was that come on come on and let it out it's like a car started but like the car was like well know that the cars made out of like the bodies of screaming people yeah it's not even a car just a bunch of people song together yeah it's actually in human centipede oh not no no you're coming with me appropriated when I shoot someone it takes like five years to actually connect with them maybe you've got to play one of two things you need to play Winston all mercy you stopped by the way no purpose but would you pick what you think what you do you think he's picked wow you fucking robot that's your social get off get off get off yeah fuck off I'm going in providing you jump up you don't want you because of inherently out of Swiss lot apparently to the to this Western Australian tosser fucked it do you realize you just cut yourself you just when you saw him die and you had to follow so in our cock-eyed not requires a second suicide i think you jump up again please haha i do not want to even look at your poor history at all and you use keep to yourself yep definitely involves horses for fuck's sake first bugs it you poor little damage boy I'll take care of you all nurse you back to health what his shot based on teaneck when I say shelter him I'll take him into a shed and just fucking euthanize him I'm just feeling no I'm just being honest here boys no lies here it's all on us have you ever seen old yellow why do it wait it's kind of awkward was having more fun in the fucking pre-match than the actual matches it's so horrible because i make over watch videos like so infrequently so I'm not recognized when someone does there like a pyro I knew that guy that made a Shrieker swagger you still make it MLG videos and it's like I stopped maybe haha a year-and-a-half ago make I had no emotion right now I'm pictures that well that makes the first move to them.

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