Nicky Romero – Protocol Flight #05 – Asia & Australia Tour – PART 2

I think my tour-manager is taking a shit.

Come out! "No I'm taking a sh*t" Privacy guys! F*cking privacy! That smell, that smell! Did someone take a sh*t in here? I think I'm ready.

Hi! Today it's all about Stereosonic.

Zedd is playing before me now, o wait this is the dressing room of David Guetta.

Room service! Room service! He's still sleeping I think.

This is my first time Stereo I'm looking forward, and as we can see on the screens it's packed! Insane! And Zedd is killing it right now.

Hope you guys are ready, it's gonna be fun.


Waiting for the love.

Everybody! So we're waiting for like 30 minutes for our luggage.

And as you can see behind me, the're very very busy to find our luggage.




We're going home to Brisbane.


CALL OF DUTY So I created a sick mash-up.

Listen, listen.



Killer track.

You know it.


Where we at? Brisbane.

Stereosonic Brisbane.


YES! OEI! Setpoint.




-BURB- This ugly Hobbit is like 50 years old.

And this Hobbit is Rick Jacobs.

On the other side we see Pyro-Mac I push the buttons and make thing go BANG! I light mtf*ckers up! Get the f*ck out of my face.

Jon! It's the end of the tour.

I can rest easier and my stress levels go.

Source: Youtube