Nicky Romero – Protocol Flight #05 – Asia & Australia Tour – PART 1

This is CNN breaking news.

Powerful storm cloud through the island.

Leaving homes and buildings destroyed.

This is a look inside perhaps one of the strongest storms in recording history.

More than a million people where forced to leave their homes.

1200 people have been killed by the monster storm.

Hi guys I'm Nicky Romero, I think everybody heard what happened in Manila in the Philippines.

And I know I'll be performing the 31st of November.

I think it's just horrible what happened over there, and you know I'm gonna donate my money over there to the local emergency guys – – just to make sure they can build-up their lives again.

I hope you guys do the same thing.

We hope that everybody can rebuild their lives and get back in normal healthy shape again.

Thank you very much! Everybody knows about the horrible typhoon that was here – – not so long ago.

So I want to thank everybody for coming to the show! We're gonna make some NOISE! I love you Nicky Romero! Merry Christmas everybody! Everybody who works for Protocol this Christmas – Everybody working for Nicky Romero so hard! Merry Christmas.

This is our gift.

Champagne, Keso-Cheese, Cookies, Merry Christmas.

Thats for the Protocol crew.

Privacy please.

Breakfast at McDonalds.

Heee, wasn't me.

Mister Rotteveel.

– and me.

Second show of the week, Friday night it's loading! We're now in Zouk-Singapore, and this is the second time that I play is this club.

I really really love this place.

I think it's gonna be good, because I hear a lot of noise.

Welcome to the first episode of on-tour with the tour-manager.

So we are looking for a new outfit for Nicky Romero – – to wear tonight.

Let's see what you guys think.

I picked this one out for Nicky Romero – – to wear tonight, and this one is for our visual guy, Rick Jacobs.

So we have a dream-team tonight, for sure! We're here in India for the first time – – we are in Mumbia.

I've been looking forward so much to be here.

Now we're here finally! Sunburn S7, everybody who came down.

Thank you so much.

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