Người cha Australia đánh nhau với kangaroo giải cứu hai con gái

Australia fight father kangaroo rescued two daughters The father in the state of South Coast, Australia kangaroo fighting with huge, despite the animal being scratched ear, rib fracture rocks to protect the child.

Matthew Chenhall had suffered wounds to protect two daughters.

Matthew Chenhall met nearly two meters tall kangaroo Eve when behind two daughters Holly, 11, and Amelia, 9 years old in a rural area along the lake Conjola, Milton Ulladulla Times reported today.

Kangaroo growled and hung hang.

Suy Action My first thought was a very large kangaroo appeared.

I've never seen a kangaroo who act that way, it stands up to all height, Chenhall said.

Baby Amelia threw the burger in hand going to cheat a kangaroo, but this only makes animals become more aggressive.

Chenhall block between kangaroo lunged and daughter, before it clamps the neck, scratching the ear and kicked his ribs broken.

I feel those claws sliding into his ear.

I got hit hard and felt extremely painful, Chenhall said.

After 15 seconds of clip neck, his left arm is free to roll punch to the chin kangaroo.

I had managed to escape, pushed two runs toward home baby kangaroo while still standing there and hissed, Chenhall said.

Physicians have 12 stitches in his ear for Chenhall.

Hai child's injuries are not yet, however, was panic.

Cause kangaroo who launch an attack has not yet been clarified.

Agency Information and Education Rescue Wildlife warning people not to feed wild animals as this will facilitate our people closer.

Source: Youtube