Next generation of Australian banknotes: New $5 (60 second video)

Australian banknotes are among thesafest in the world.

And to keep them that way the Reserve Bank is introducing a newseries of banknotes.

Now in circulation is the new five-dollar banknote.

You'llsee many innovative security features including a distinctive top-to-bottomwindow.

Tilt the banknote and you'll see anEastern Spinebill move its wings.

Inside the Federation Pavilion at the bottom of the window is a number 5 that changes direction.

Turn the banknote over and in the topcorner you'll see a prominent patch that changes color in a rolling effect.

Andthere's a tactile feature to assist the vision-impaired community.

Importantly,all existing banknotes can continue to be used.

The Reserve Bank is making ourbanknotes 'Clearly More Secure'.

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Source: Youtube