needu – Apply For a 457 Sponsorship Visa BEFORE You Arrive in Australia

What should you look for when 457 category visa sponsor it? Before arriving in Australia Or after that? Before arriving in Australia, he went looking for sponsor The following reasons Sometimes employers may hire you at the same time Will you promise to provide 457 types of security But the promise was never honored If you already hold a Subclass 457 visa arriving in Australia This kind of thing will not happen to you Looking for a job for everyone Very difficult Especially when you arrived in Australia when If you already have a job, then landed We will give you a good start in life The cost of living in Australia It is very high Have a job Speed ​​will let you make money Faster After working for two years Your sponsor can recommend you To apply for permanent residency While others hold a visa to work time Are not counted So I chose 457 visa category Start work, then It will save you valuable time Many employers will prefer Provide security for employees If they did not hesitate Hired you This shows that they really want you this man How good employer and How good business ah 457 visa category allows you to Australia will bring family While other categories of visa We do not necessarily have this condition If you come to Australia only 457 work visa category This is a choice of words This is what you can do the So, before you arrive in Australia, 457 category went to apply for a visa guarantee but do you know? Do the exact opposite of this choice Also beneficial We'll see you next video.

Source: Youtube